National code acreditation


iQ Student Accommodation operates in accordance with the National Code of Standards for student accommodation. The Code of Standards is run by ANUK (The Accreditation Network UK), the NUS, and Unipol Student Homes, and is supported by universities around the country.

iQ Student Accommodation has been accredited by ANUK and run in accordance with the National Code of Standards since we began in 2007.


What is the Code of Standards?

The Code is a set of standards for student accommodation providers put in place to make sure that tenants receive good levels of housing management. This includes appropriate facilities, quick repairs, and adequate mechanisms for resolving problems. As an ANUK accredited halls provider, iQ must adhere to the standards set out by the code, giving our student tenants peace of mind and reassurance that every iQ building will be opperated at the same high level.


What are the benefits of the Code?

The standards chosen for the Code are based on established best practice in the accommodation sector and are intended to reflect what students and their parents expect from good quality student housing. At National Code schemes, students can expect:
  • Buildings that meet or exceed the local authority' fire safety requirements
  • Sufficient bathroom and kitchen facilities
  • All repairs completed within agreed timescales
  • Advanced notification if managers need to access rooms and/or flats to undertake routine inspections or planned maintenance
  • Managers that act in a professional and courteous manner at all times
  • An adequate mechanism for handling complaints and disputes if any problems arise
iQ Student Accommodation has signed up with the Code of Standards to give our students peace of mind. You can be assured that at any iQ site, you will enjoy the benefit of high standards of living in accordance with the Code of Standards and a prompt resolution to problems should they ever occur.