Instalment Structure 2017/18 - Arkwright House

At iQ we offer a choice of payment options to make things manageable for you.


Payment in Full

If you wish to pay your rent upfront, you will need to make payment on or before the 1st August 2017. Customers who pay their rent in full are entitled to a 2% discount off their annual rent amount (subject to terms and conditions). Please click here to find out more.

Payment of full rent in advance can be made by either debit card, direct debit or international transfer.


Payment in Instalments

You can also choose to pay your rent in instalments. Details about the dates the payments are due can be found below.

1st Instalment

2nd Instalment

3rd Instalment

4th Instalment

01 August 2017 03 October 2017 05 December 2017 02 January 2018

5th Instalment

6th Instalment 7th Instalment 8th Instlament
09 January 2018 06 February 2018 06 March 2018 17 April 2018


You can find details about the payment amounts by contacting your site. 

Remember, your first rent instalment is due prior to you moving in. If you are planning on using your student loan to cover your rent costs, please be aware that you will not have received your loan before the first payment is required. To help with this, we have made the first instalment smaller than the rest.

It is important that you keep up with your rent payments. If you find yourself unable to make a payment, please contact the site accommodation team to discuss your situation as soon as possible.


Methods of Payment

There are a number of options available for paying your rent – an overview of each options below to help you decide which one’s best for you.


What’s the easiest way?

The easiest way for you to pay is either by direct debit or recurring card payment – by choosing one of these methods you can set up your payments at the start of the year and then not have to worry about them again.


Direct Debit

What is it? 

Simply, a Direct Debit is an instruction from you to your UK bank or building society. It authorises us to collect your rent instalments from your account.

How do I set it up? 

You’ll need your bank account number, sort code and your bank name and address.

If you have a UK bank account, click here to download our direct debit form and find out more.


Recurring Card Payment

What is it? 

A recurring card payment or continuous payment authority is an instruction from you to give us permission to collect your rent instalments from your debit or credit card.*

How do I set it up? 

You’ll need the long card number, expiry date and security code.

Cards accepted are: Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard and Maestro

*Please note – credit card transactions will be subject to a 2% surcharge


Bank Transfer

We also accept payment by bank transfer including International Bank Transfers. 
International Bank Transfer
What is it?
A way of sending money from your bank account directly to ours via our partner Western Union. This is available via any bank account, not just a UK one.
How it works
You’ll be sent a link to the Western Union payment site when we're ready to collect your payment.
The transfer is normally complete within three to four business days.

Anything else?

Please note – whichever payment option you select we will contact you within the next 2-3 months to collect payment details prior to your first instalment being due.
Need to cancel?
If unfortunately you need to cancel your booking with us because you haven’t got into the university of your choice or are having problems acquiring a visa, your first instalment and your deposit are fully refundable. You can read more about the cancellation policy for properties in England here.
If you have any more questions about your instalment dates or amounts, you can contact your site by phone or you can get in touch using our contact form