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Rebooker 2018/19 - Terms & Conditions

Live with us again next year and you can enjoy:

  • Cash back (See details below)
  • Your deposit rolled over 
  • A free contract extension if you're on a 50 or 51-week contract (varies per site)

If you’d like to book a specific room then act quickly for the widest availability. There is no guarantee you will be able to rebook your own room.

If you fill a flat with friends, you may participate in our fill a flat offer (where applicable).

To book this great deal, visit the iQ Resident portal

Make sure you read the terms and conditions below. If you have any questions, head to reception or drop us an email.

Terms and Conditions

This promotion is managed and operated by IQSA Services Limited and applies to residents living within the iQ Group in the 2017/18 academic year only.



 ‘You’ means the applicant for a tenancy for the 2018/19 tenancy year.

‘Us’ or ‘We’ means IQSA Services Limited acting as property managers on behalf of the iQ Group.

‘Rebooker’ means a 2017/18 resident that has rebooked directly at one of our iQ Student Accommodation properties for the academic year 2018/19.

‘Fill a Flat’ means where you and your friends fully occupy a multi room flat with a single shared kitchen.

‘Free Rental’ means a free contract extension for 2017 /18 residents who are on a current 50 or 51-week contract and have rebooked for 2018 /19.

‘Offer’ means any combination of Rebooker, Fill a Flat and/or Free Rental incentives.

‘Nominations Agreement’ means a referral agreement between iQ Group and a participating University.

“Agent” means a third-party organisation that either arranges a booking on your behalf or refers You to Us to make a booking.

‘Guarantor’ means an individual responsible for putting right any breaches of tenancy, including non-payment of rent if the tenant fails in their responsibilities.

‘Completed Tenancy Agreement’ means a Tenancy Agreement that has been signed by the You the applicant and has been underwritten by a Guarantor who has successfully completed the Guarantor process.



  • See table below for the Offer start date.
  • The Offer is only open to 2017/18 residents at the properties listed below.
  • The Offer is not applicable in conjunction with any other offer unless explicitly stated.
  • The Offer is only applicable to the applicant and is not transferable.
  • The Rebooker must also have completed and signed an appropriate tenancy agreement with Us, provided all required documents and supplied Guarantor contact details by the 26th January 2018. All other terms and conditions attached to the tenancy will continue to apply.
  • The Fill a Flat incentive is only valid when You and your friends fully occupy a flat and each of you have a Completed Tenancy Agreement by 14th January 2018.
  • There is limited availability on the Offer and it can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Fill a Flat applicants who are not 2017/18 residents will be subject to alternate offer terms and conditions.
  • The Offer is issued on a per property basis and is not transferable across properties within the iQ Group.
  • The Offer is subject to the applicant remaining within the terms of their tenancy agreement for the full duration of the 2018 /19 contract.



Property Rebooker Cashback (per person) Rebooker Promo Code Fill a Flat Cashback (per person) Fill a Flat Promo Code Deposit Roll Over Weeks Free Start Date End Date
Arwkright House £150 ARKW11-RCBK150 £150 ARKW11-NFFT150 Yes Yes 8th November 2017 19th January 2018


  • The Offer is available for a limited period only and allows Rebookers to take advantage of:
    • Rebooker cash back in the form of an online pre-paid cash card, and
    • Fill a Flat cash back in the form of an online pre-paid cash card, where applicable, and
    • Deposit roll over (No new deposit required), and
    • A contract extension for individuals that have booked either 50 or 51-week contracts, where applicable
  • All applications should be completed online. On site teams can assist with the online process.
  • To be eligible for the above offer, you must enter a valid promo code in the applicable promo code field when making a booking.
  • Your incentive will be supplied to you, after you have paid your first and second instalment (or, if in Scotland, paid your third instalment) and no later than 31st December 2018.
  • No new deposit means that your current deposit rolls from one year to the next.
  • The deposit rollover does not apply to residents who paid their deposit to their university for the 2017/18 academic year.
  • Contract extensions only apply to individuals who have booked either 50 or 51-week contracts for the 2017/18 academic year (this means residents who moved in during August and September 2017 and stay for a minimum of 50 weeks).
  • Payment will only be made in the form of a voucher or a pre-paid cash card.
  • In order to take advantage of the Fill a Flat promotion, individuals will need to form a group with other students. To be eligible for the Fill a Flat incentive, students will need to fill all bedrooms within the flat.
  • The Rebooker must also have completed and signed an appropriate tenancy agreement with Us, provided all required documents and supplied Guarantor contact details by the 14th January 2018. All other terms and conditions attached to the tenancy will continue to apply.
  • This Offer excludes bookings for the 2018/19 academic year referred through a Nominations Agreement or an Agent.
  • All charges outstanding on your account for the 2017/18 tenancy period must be cleared by You prior to the 2018/19 tenancy start date or the incentive will not be applied.
  • If your deposit value has fallen below the full value applicable to your room, you will be required to provide a top up payment to the full deposit value on or before 1st August 2018. 
  • If for any reason, We agree to release you from your tenancy during the 2018/19 tenancy year, any calculation of monies owed by You under the terms of the tenancy will take into account any incentives paid to You.
  • The decision to pay the incentive is at the absolute discretion of IQSA Services Limited.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw, modify or substitute this offer for another with different terms at any time and without notice during this promotion. Any such change would not affect any bookings already made under the current terms of this offer.
  • Use of any voucher or pre-paid cash card is subject to the terms and conditions of the voucher issuing organisation. IQSA Services Limited will not be liable for any loss or damages as a result of participating in this incentive.