7 ways to look after yourself during lockdown

Lockdown is tough, but so are you! It’s important to make a conscious effort to keep your mind and body healthy while we’re in our second lockdown. Here are our top tips on how to look after yourself.


Move your body

We all know the benefits of daily exercise, but we all need a little reminder every now and then. Get your blood pumping by trying a new YouTube workout, challenging yourself to a new 30-day stretch or even a yoga routine. The endorphins feel great and it will be really rewarding to have achieved something by the end of lockdown 2.0.


Get some fresh air

Going alfresco may not be tempting now the days are getting colder and darker, but a daily dose of fresh air and Vitamin D each day is great for your mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, the mental health charity MIND says fresh air can improve mood and reduce feelings of stress and anger. If you’re shielding in the safety and comfort of your accommodation, try opening the curtains as soon as you wake up and opening the window for a few hours a day. The natural light and fresh air will help you re-energise and re-focus.



When it seems like everyone around you is setting new ambitious challenges, taking time to rest can trigger unnecessary feelings of guilt. Relaxing your body and mind is both a productive and necessary activity, so make time in your schedule to catch up on those much-needed ZZZs.


Read a book

Why not take a break from lecture readings and try a new genre of fiction to relax and unwind? Reading is a great way to escape the real world for a short while and is proven to reduce stress and boost mood. If you're in need of some ‘book-spiration’, check out our most recent BookClub reading list.


Cleanse your social media

If scrolling through social media isn’t making you feel great, it might be time for a social media cleanse. Instead of following Instagrammers that make you feel less worthy, try finding people who post about topics you’re interested in – #goodvibesonly can make all the difference.


Eat well

Healthy food isn’t just good for our physical health – taking time to plan and prepare our meals can have great mental benefits too. Dust off those old cookbooks or do a quick search online for a recipe that is sure to tickle your tastebuds. Adding a rainbow of vegetables is an easy way to jazz up your plate and get an extra boost of vitamins and minerals.


Talk to friends

Feelings of loneliness and isolation are soon remedied with a call to loved ones. Don’t be hesitant to pick up the phone and reach out if you’re feeling this way. Friends and family know and love you the most and can be a great way to help restore your sense of purpose and belonging. Equally, if you’ve not heard from a friend in a while, now is a great time to check in to make sure they are OK too. If you, or a friend, is needing extra support, be sure to check out SHOUT who are available 24/7 by texting 85258.


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