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Student life Embrace the Unexpected

We’re launching an important campaign, Embrace the Unexpected, and we want you to be part of it. Here’s why…

As the accommodation provider for more than 28,000 students from all over the world, we want to create a home-from-home environment for all of them. That means an environment that helps build a sense of community and offers the opportunity to form meaningful relationships – the foundations for a happy, safe and connected life. Wellbeing lies at the heart of the experience we offer, and at the heart of our purpose.

Going to university is definitely exciting – but it can also be daunting. Living away from home for the first time, managing time, money, workloads and making friends in a new place takes courage, skills and effort. It also requires resilience and a good support network to lean into.


Challenges and choices

How we approach these challenges has a huge impact on the university experience, the opportunities we take and the choices we make. While many thrive, for some, navigating university life, including making friends, is not so easy, and their wellbeing can suffer.

We wanted to understand why some students experience loneliness more than others and what support, skills and interventions could help. So, we’re kicking off our campaign with some insights we gained through our research with Relate, the leading relationship charity, and a line-up of experts who recently debated the issue at our Embrace the Unexpected launch event.


Chances and conversations

Our campaign encourages students to get involved and embrace the unexpected – to take a chance on new relationships, be open to trying new things, and find friendship in surprising places. And, just as we involved students in the research, we’ll make sure students are in the driving seat when it comes to identifying potential solutions to loneliness.

We’ll work with students and experts to co-create meaningful interventions and co-design a pilot programme to test in three of our sites for the 2019/20 academic year. The most effective ones will be rolled out across all our sites in 2020/21.

We hope that by putting the spotlight on student relationships and loneliness, our campaign will add to the national conversation about what support would help students make the most of their time. And, by working with students across multiple platforms, help them to build and maintain meaningful, healthy and positive relationships as they live, work and socialise during their university years.

Now it’s time for you to Embrace the Unexpected…


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Watch the highlights from our launch event at The Roundhouse London


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If you are a resident and need help or someone to talk to, remember we have a partnership with Nightline who provide confidential, anonymous support services run by students for students. Each iQ site is covered either by their local Nightline or a central service, which means that all of our students have access to this incredibly valuable support.  See the posters around sites for details.


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