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Getting the right amount of exercise is essential to staying well… and it’s even more fun when you can work out with friends. As part of our commitment to the wellbeing of our residents, we will be launching a series of partnerships across the year – offering you exclusive offers, experiences and discounts. The first of these is with The Gym Group.

Gym Group

Get to know The Gym Group

The Gym Group is the fifth-largest health club network in Europe, and most excitingly, the fastest growing.  The Gym Group is a totally new way to exercise offering affordable, high-spec nationwide gyms, that make absolutely everybody feel welcome.  Whatever your starting point, and wherever you want to go, they can help. They say they’re for everyone who’s had enough of the unbelievably-expensive-monthly-contract gym, or the make-me-feel-judged-the-moment-I-walk-through-the-door gym. 

As you might expect they’re growing fast, and there are new gyms popping up all over the country. They offer flexibility on contracts and hours and are open 24/7, almost every day of the year. They also have the latest kit and were one of the first to introduce Myride® indoor cycling and yoga, dance and aerobics classes.

Gym Group

Your special offer

As well as boosting the workouts that you can do in the free gyms in our properties, all iQ residents will be exclusively eligible for a free health MOT, conducted by The Gym Group experts in their iQ home or local club —plus opportunities for events and classes in our sites and ‘Bring a Friend’ offers during the year. These events and activities will be arranged by iQ and The Gym Group staff teams, who are very excited about the partnership!

In addition, this year, The Gym Group is offering students a great 9-month offer - £109 for all gyms outside the M25, and £139 for all gyms inside the M25. Find out more here.


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