Show your colours | How to transform your room for Pride


To celebrate Pride Month, how about decking out your space to celebrate your colours? We’ve got some tips to help make your happy place look a little more you.  

1. Rainbows, everywhere 

We can’t talk about decorating for Pride without mentioning rainbows. Are they obvious? Yes. Are they still perfect? Yes. Nothing’s happier than a rainbow, the ultimate symbol for Pride. From bedding to rugs, posters to throw pillows, add in a little rainbow here and there to throw some colour all around the room. 

2. DIY Decorations 

Get crafty and show off your inner artist by creating some DIY decorations. Think glittery banners, paper chains in Pride flag colors or even painting your own rainbow art to pop on your desk. Not only will these personal touches make your room unique, but they'll make you feel proud to be creative too. 

3. Fly your flag 

There might not be a flagpole in your bedroom, but you can easily stick up a flag on your corkboard or even hang it over the back of your chair. Whichever group you feel a part of, flags can act as a great reminder of who you are, and the millions of people that also fly the same flag.  

3. The L stands for Light 

Create the perfect atmosphere with some mood lighting. Invest in some LED strips that you can easily stick around your room and change colours with to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that celebrates diversity. You could buy a neon rainbow or even your favourite queer quote to sit on your desk and make you smile while you study.  

4. Queer up your bookshelf 

Books can transform a space and make it feel more you. Why not add some more queer lit to your bookshelf and add a pop of colour too? You can even space out some cute decorations to make your bookshelf make more of a statement and really show off who you are.  

5. Pride Playlist 

So you’ve decked out your space, there’s just one more thing to do – pop on the playlist to enjoy it all with. LGBTQ+ artists have always been a foundation of music. Why not celebrate that? And don't forget to spread the love. Invite your friends over for Pride-themed movie nights or game evenings and make the most of your little community.