Earn cash when you refer friends to live with us

We want you to get the most out of life at iQ as possible, and that starts before you even move in. That’s because with Refer a Friend, you can earn big money by referring your buddies to live with us too.

There are two ways you can make Refer a Friend work for you.


Got friends all over the place?

The first is ideal if you have friends all over the country, because you can benefit even if your friends move into a different iQ building. Just give them your unique resident ID number, along with our referral code, REFER400.

When they make their booking, they just add these details, and both you and your friend will make £200. And there’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so you’ll make £200 for each friend that moves in. If that sounds good, have a think about how you could make it work for you – Facebook connections, friends of friends and vague acquaintances all count. Just saying.

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“After a year with a landlord who refused to fix the boiler for four months through the dead of winter and having to shower at friends’ houses, I decided that I wanted more security and reliability. After looking at several private accommodations, iQ made sense. They offered onsite maintenance, 24-hour security, amazing facilities and modern interiors along with the possibility of meeting new people through events they held. There really wasn’t another venue who provided all that iQ has to offer” – Lucy, iQ Leeds resident


Want to keep your friends close?

The second way is to live together with your pals and fill a flat. This works like a circular chain, where each person refers the next, and the final person refers back to the person at the start. This means everyone can make £400 – what better start to a harmonious household? Just pass on your resident ID and the REFER400 code to your friend and get the ball rolling.

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Whichever way you play it, there’s plenty to look forward to when you and your friends arrive at iQ, whether you’re together or apart. Even in the age of social distancing, you can come together virtually with our BookClub and SupperClub, or join in with our Instagram classes in everything from painting to boxing. Our onsite social spaces will also be reopening as and when circumstances allow, keeping the heart of our iQ communities beating strong.

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