How to decorate your uni room

Starting university doesn’t just mean treating yourself to a set of new books. If you’re moving away from home, it also means you’ll be venturing into a whole new world where you’ll get the chance to explore new neighbourhoods, create new habits and to make new friends. Not to mention the opportunity to decorate your new student bedroom, too.

Now's your chance to transform your living space and make it exactly how you want it - as opposed to your old bedroom at home that might still have the same curtains, wall colour and boyband posters you’ve had since you were 13.

Decorating a new room to make the space feel like ‘yours’ can be a little daunting, so we’ve pulled together a few uni room ideas to get you started on getting your vibe right.


Plant para- para- paradise

From proven health benefits to boosting concentration levels, plants are bona fide uni room essentials. And what’s even better is they look cool too. Breathe life into your room while adding a pop of colour with some cascading icy or a dainty cactus to make your desk feel complete. Cacti just need a decent light source, and a little bit of water every so often. Meanwhile the ivy can pretty much survive on a shadier shelf, with a bit of water every few days. Pop it on your highest shelf, and let its leaves cascade freely. 

DIY tip: Upcycle your favourite drink cans to create new homes for your succulents. Brilliant for the environment and ridiculously easy to look after.

Decorating your uni room with plants


Getting creative with your snaps

Whether it's your childhood bestie, mum and dad or your fluffy friends – littering your room with printed pictures from home is a must.

DIY tip: Grab a pinboard or wire wall grid and compile them all in one place. Easy to move around your room and saves you the hassle of having to take the snaps off your walls when you leave. Plus, no Blu Tack stains!

Make your uni room more personal with photos


Yes way, duvet 

Who can say no to comfort? In your student room, there is one thing that says a lot about you without you having to say a word: your bed covers. No one wants to get to university and have their new friends realise that you still rep the Disney/Marvel bedsheets you’ve had since 2007 - don’t worry we’ve all been there. There’s a ton of options in the homeware department of any supermarket, so it’ll be no issue to find one that suits you AND won’t cost you a fortune.  

Another top tip is pillows. You’re a student, or going to be, so you will need some good pillows to help you get some much-needed rest. It’s one thing it's worth going for quality on - down and feather pillows are great if you’ve got allergies. Bright decorative pillows are always great to have on hand too, especially if you’re having friends over who need somewhere to sit. Plus, it makes you look like a fabulous host.  

A cozy bed with make your student room complete


Light it up

The key to any amazing uni room is the lighting. Whether you pop fairy lights into a mason jar to create that cool desk decoration or drape festoon-style lights around your headboard, this little addition is sure to make your room look magical – and brighten up those darker months.

DIY tip: Combine these with some string, pegs and some printed Polaroids and voila...

Make your uni room magical with fairy lights


Desk’orate your work space 

Forgive the pun, we couldn’t resist. But seriously, invest in some deskware to make you feel chic and organised. We’re a big believer in bright Muji pens to organise revision notes and give a bit of a motivation boost. You don’t want to lose them though! So get a pen holder - it's useful and injects some personality into your room. They’re some of the easiest things to find as well: Etsy, Amazon, and Flying Tiger are great places to start (plus you can use the pen holders to store emergency revision snacks).

An organised desk space can inspire your uni work


Now that you’ve got your fill of uni room inspiration, it’s your turn. Prop your door open, get decorating with the pictures, plants and lights and show your mates exactly what we mean by #RoomGoals.

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