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Last time, we looked at the run-up to results day. Here, we look at how to apply through Clearing when the time finally comes. 


What to do on results day


1.     Set aside time on results day (and a few days after)

Results day can be very busy for universities and the best UCAS Clearing courses fill up quickly.  So, clear your diary, find a quiet space with decent WiFi, collect all your info (below) and get ready to make your calls.


2.     Call any universities or colleges you’re interested in

You might feel a bit nervous, but remember universities want to fill their vacancies and their staff will be friendly and keen to help. So, try to relax and show enthusiasm for the course and uni you’re applying through Clearing for.

First, it’s definitely worth talking to your first choice and insurance universities. Many institutions will still accept people who have missed their grades.  But if not, don’t worry, because Clearing is designed to help you find a degree course that will suit you perfectly well.


3.     Info you’ll need on the day

Have these details to hand when you make your calls:

  • University’s Clearing phone number

  • Your contact details

  • Your Clearing number from UCAS Track

  • Your log-in details for Track

  • Your exam results: A-level, AS-level, GCSEs (or equivalent) including key modules marks

  • Your personal statement

  • Your notes about the course and university, including why you want to study THIS course at THIS university

  • Your questions

  • Your prepared answers to likely questions

  • Details of any people you have already contacted at the university


4.     Take notes during the calls

Jotting down notes will help you remember key points from each conversation and will keep you focused if you’re feeling anxious.


5.     Request email confirmation of offers

If a university makes you a verbal offer of a place, ask them to confirm by email, including how long it is valid for (most offers will be valid for 12 - 48 hours).  This will avoid any misunderstanding. 

You can continue to call other universities to receive more offers, and then decide which one you want to accept.


6.     Be persistent

If one call doesn’t go so well, take a deep breath, try to remain positive and focus on the next. Just keep going! Even if a university doesn’t offer you a place initially, if there are still vacancies the next day, there’s no harm in calling again - it will certainly show enthusiasm and determination!

7.     Enter your Clearing choice on UCAS Track

Once you have verbal provisional offers from universities/colleges, decide which one you want to accept and enter the course details on Track at the allotted time (after 3pm on results day 15 August 2019). You can only add one Clearing choice at a time, so be certain you want to accept the offer. You’ll be studying at uni for the next few years, so don’t commit if you’re unsure - perhaps think about taking a gap year and reapplying later.



When does UCAS Clearing start? 

Clearing officially starts on July 5th. You will be able to check if you’re eligible for Clearing by signing into your UCAS Track on results day (15 August 2019).

How long does the Clearing process last? 

The Clearing process will be open from July 5th to mid-September. However, If you receive an offer of a place through Clearing make sure to confirm how long the offer is valid for, as most offers will only be valid for 12-48 hours. Many courses will fill up quickly after results day so it's important to be ready. 

When does Clearing end? 

Mid-September is the deadline for students to accept their Clearing choices and for universities or colleges to accept Clearing applicants. 


If you don’t get the results you expected, we hope this guide will help you through the Clearing process and you’ll go on to enjoy an action-packed, fun-filled life at university! Visit us at HelloGrads for tons more tips and info, for uni and beyond. We wish you the Best of Luck!

Find out more about universities, courses and Clearing from UCAS and Uni Compare.


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