Life in the UK

When you come to the UK for the first time, it is easy to be full of worries and doubts about this unfamiliar country. Don't worry, we've helped many international students settle here, from new school registration to future social events, we're here to help, as your home here, we hope you'll be able to fully explore your new city and enjoy your study abroad trip.

Top tips to help you live better in the UK:

School registration

The registration process for each university is different. The process is roughly divided into two steps: first, register online, register an account on the university's website, and then submit relevant materials after arriving at the university to get your student ID. The specific instructions will be subject to the school, with many universities putting their registration steps into the online.

Materials required for offline registration:

1. Passport, Visa

2. Past relevant educational certificates (such as past graduation certificates, etc.)

3. Original copy of language proficiency certificate (such as IELTS transcript)

4. University admission letter, offer letter

Receive your BRP card

When you get a UK visa, you will find that your visa is only valid for a month or so. This is because when you come to the UK you will receive a UK 'ID card', or BRP for short. The date on the BRP is the expiry date of your visa. When the visa is issued, a confirmation letter will be attached, which will be exchanged for the BRP upon arrival in the UK.

Materials required to receive BRP:

1. A valid passport with a UK short-term entry visa

2. Confirmation letter upon receipt of visa

In the past, international students were required to receive the BRP within 10 days of their arrival in the UK. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the British government no longer imposes strict requirements on you, but still calls on everyone to receive BRP immediately after the quarantine period ends.

Register with your local healthcare GP

GP is a community doctor, and the accommodation address can be registered with local GPs and surgeries. When you apply for a visa, you have already paid the NHS fee.

If you are sick in the UK, you cannot go to the hospital directly. The first step you have to do is to go to the GP clinic in your area to see a doctor. After the initial diagnosis, if the situation is serious, the GP will recommend you to the hospital.

Documents required to register as a GP

1. Proof of residential address

2. Passport

3. BRP

Integrate into society and make friends

Don't forget to build your own social life and maintain positive connections with your classmates and friends.

We have a lot of online and offline events where you can get involved and meet new people. At the same time, iQ will send you a monthly newletter, which not only keeps you up to date with the latest local events and health advice from our partners Shout and Relate, but also has a chance to win exclusive gifts. 

You can also join the iQ Club for free on Facebook to meet other students who have the same interests as you.

iQ's Chinese Student Social Club will also hold events from time to time to provide exclusive benefits. 

If you want to join the iQ WeChat group, you can add WeChat ID: LAURA-dpw.

Some additional tips for living in the UK

  • Getting a phone card: There are different phone operators in the UK. Common ones are O2, EE, Vodafon, etc., and the price is also high. In contrast, giffgaff is the most used among Chinese students. There are also plenty of package options that include more data for the same price, and despite the occasional unsatisfactory signal, they are good value for money.

  • Apply for UK bank cards: The major banks in the UK include Lloyds, Barclays, HSBC, RBS, etc. Applying for a UK bank card requires an appointment in advance, and it takes about an hour in total. Account opening materials only need to bring Bank Letter, passport and BRP issued by the school (Bank Letter is printed in the school system).

  • Apply for a public transport card: Young Person Card: The main mode of transport in the UK is the train. With this card, students can enjoy 60-70% discount on train tickets. **Applications can be submitted on the official website, the electronic version is recommended.

  • Explore: Discover what your new city has to offer. Find the best recommendations in our city guides on Instagram.


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