Lockdown tips from our friends

Having trouble finding things to keep you occupied in lockdown? Well, fear not – we’ve got tips from some friends to help you get through.


Create some aesthetic inspo

Our good friend, Noo, says ‘Get creative by creating mood boards of your favourite things’.

How? Use Pinterest or an online scrapbook to map out your interests. This could be things like your dream post-lockdown holiday, food or just your general mood. It’s a great way to channel creative energy and to plan for post-lockdown fun.


Create a themed film night every week

Next tip from Noo is to take a virtual trip to the big screen with friends and family. Create a watch party and choose films that share a common theme, such as having won the same Oscar category, or star the same actor. The week after, you can switch it up and try something new. She also recommends trying films from underrepresented groups, so you can discover a new favourite genre.


Skill roulette

Next up is from Renee, who says that a good way to make the most of your downtime is to pick a random skill or interest you wouldn’t normally have time to pursue… and schedule an hour each week to work on it. She did just that herself and is now a self-confessed baking connoisseur - cupcake heaven available here.


Virtual coffees and dinner

We all know the importance of keeping in touch with your friends and family, and scheduling a fun weekend mate date is a great way to feel connected, says Renee. However, talk of lectures and deadlines are off the agenda. Try to keep it fun to help take your mind off studying.


Get excited about cooking

Next is top advice from our foodie friend, Saskia. Finding a new favourite recipe via Instagram or recipe books is a great way to get your mouth watering and looking forward to dinner time. Saskia’s page and her iQ eBook make the perfect starting point.


Treat yourself to a new diffuser

With more time than ever spent in our rooms, what better way to freshen up your room than with a new diffuser, says Saskia. Choose a scent that best suits you; whether it’s lavender to help you feel calm or something with citrus to help you energise yourself.


Go on a walk

Lastly, our lovely friend Joanna recommends escaping to the great outdoors for a walk to boost your energy and mental wellbeing. With daylight hours shortening, make the most of the daytime while you can and get your walking shoes on.


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