Revealed: The UK University Where You're Most Likely to Meet Your BFF

Your social life is a huge part of the uni experience. Whether you find your people from a shared flat, onsite event or during class, this could be the chance to find your friends for life. Having the right support around you and forging the right relationships is also extremely beneficial to your wellbeing and mental health

But knowing where to start can be a little tricky. In a new environment, you might not feel comfortable enough to put yourself out there. 

Where you are can make a difference. 

We've researched into the most sociable universities and cities in the UK, to help you find the place where it's easiest to put yourself out there. Here's a little look into what we found. 

Glasgow is the friendliest city for students

TimeOut named Glasgow the friendliest city in the UK last year, so it's no surprise that it's great place for you to find your BFF at uni. With a student satisfaction score of 79% and over 200 societies, the University of Glasgow gives you plenty of chance to find your people. 

Birmingham is the most sociable uni in the UK

The University of Birmingham has a huge community of students ready to make the most of a bustling city. Over 500 societies means there's something for everyone to get involved with, so finding other students with similar interests is super easy. 

Nottingham is the most welcoming uni

With a mix of rich history and a vibrant social scene, Nottingham has a bit of everything, so it's easy for most students to feel welcome. The University of Nottingham has a diverse student scene, so there'll be someone you can relate to and enjoy what the city has to offer. 

Check out the full list

Find the uni and city that's right for you. Check out our full list of the top places for you to meet your BFF at uni. Or, have a look at accommodation in Glasgow, Birmingham and Nottingham.

Check out the full list of sociable unis and cities in the UK here - iQ-Social-Cities-Report.pdf



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