New year, new green habits

For many of us, the New Year is a sign of renewal – a time to look to self-improve and maybe cultivate new rituals. As our social media feeds become flooded with inspiration to eat cleaner, work out more and become the best version of ourselves, why not add a couple of simple green habits to your plan?

There are minor lifestyle changes we can all make, that, even if only 10% of the population did them, could make a huge difference for the health and wellbeing of the planet we love.

Here are some eco-friendly (and achievable!) habits that you can implement right away to try and make sure your 2021 starts off as green as possible.


Paper free for me, please

2020 really was the year where everything turned digital.  Bad for birthday parties but great for reducing paper waste!

  1. Carry on the good work by opting out of getting a paper receipt when you buy your weekly shop, because let’s face it – who really needs them?  
  2. Check the notification settings on your online account for your mobile phone or banking -most have the option to revert solely to app, email and SMS alerts.
  3. Lastly, ask yourself if you really need to print out something for your class: can it be kept as online document?


Meat-free Monday, anyone?

A special report by a UN-led panel describes plant-based diets as a major opportunity for lessening, and adapting to, climate change. So, in layman’s terms, reducing your meat/dairy consumption can help the planet.

Meat lovers don’t panic, simply swapping in one vegetarian dinner a week can make a big difference. Especially if we get involved globally.

Require a little inspiration? We host a whole smorgasbord of vegetarian and vegan recipes at our SupperClub.


Internet browsing has never been greener 

Ever heard of Ecosia? You can use Ecosia to browse the web at the same time as helping to plant trees and reverse the effect of climate change.  

Yes, your internet browsing will be planting trees! Since it’s creation, Ecosia has planted 117 million trees (though by the time this blog is published we expect a few more).

Like other search engines, Ecosia makes money from search ads and their proceeds go towards fighting climate change. If you don’t want to ditch Google Chrome, you don’t have to – you can add Ecosia as a Chrome extension. Shop, study and plan your uni essays …and feel good whilst you do it.

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From recycling to water reduction, head to our Think Green homepage to see how we’re making things greener behind the scenes:

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