Postgraduate life at iQ

Trying to find postgraduate accommodation, but unsure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Whatever your reason for pursuing a postgraduate degree, you’ll soon realise that postgrad study is a bit different to your undergrad. And with that change, you may start to look at your living situation a bit differently too.

Although your degree (and reading list!) may be more demanding, finding your student accommodation shouldn’t be. Let’s run you through what life is like with us as a postgraduate student.


All in one place

First things first: bills! Did you know that living as an iQ postgrad means you’re guaranteed all your bills included with your rent?

Forget about the stresses associated with private rental and tallying up your electric, water, and internet costs with a bunch of strangers. Living with us means all of those bills, plus heating, will come out in one simple rent payment – so you have more time to focus on the important things, like your degree.

Did we mention that logging maintenance requests and paying rent can be done via the iQ app? You can also check to see when washing machines are free and get alerts to collect your parcels.


Location, location, location

Postgraduate life generally means more hours in lectures and studying. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it will mean that saving time on food shops and commutes will become increasingly important.

Our sites tend to be a short distance from the universities they serve, and conveniently situated close to local shops and transport links. Vital that a coffee shop is within 1 minute walk? Make sure to check out the interactive map on each property page to show you where you can get your nearest caffeine fix.


Plenty of choice

You may want to revaluate your needs as a postgraduate when you start looking at buildings and room types. Do you want to be sharing a flat or is a peaceful studio the way to go?

At iQ, you can browse through room choices easily and see who has already booked into a shared flat. If you’re worried about noise, you can get in touch with the site team to ask where the quietest area of the building is too.


Solo living

Considering living by yourself? A studio apartment, which offers all you need in one self-contained space, is most likely your best bet, and a very popular choice with our postgraduate residents. Take a look in more detail at what you can expect from living in a studio apartment.

Don’t worry, living in a studio won’t mean missing out on student life. Onsite gyms, cinemas and gaming rooms can be found across iQ properties, giving you plenty of opportunities to socialise. Many of our sites even have spaces for dancing, painting, and music.



Whichever type of room appeals to you most, we can help you with viewing any property in person. If you are coming from overseas, virtual viewings and tours of live rooms and social areas are available too. Find out more about virtual viewings.

If you’re an international student, or arriving from an area that requires an isolation period, our site teams can help with food deliveries and contactless deliveries. See more information on our measures in place for Covid safety.


iQ Life

We know you’ll be busy with your head in the books, but we’ve got you covered when you need a break too. Our iQ Clubs offer free books and foodie content, and you can meet your floormates before you even arrive via our Facebook  Resident Groups.

If you prefer to keep your social life separate to your living situation, that’s fine too. Just like undergrad study, there will be university clubs and societies to get involved with. You can stay as connected (or disconnected) as you like.

From social events, giveaways to exclusive partner benefits, check out what’s available to you as a resident on our iQ Life Page. You’ll also find links to our social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Weibo and WeChat.


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Location inspiration

If you're not sure where you're heading yet, take a look around our properties in all corners of the UK.

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Stephenson House, Newcastle

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