Six reasons to book a summer stay at iQ

Having a good year at uni? Let's keep it going.

Make more of the moments that matter this year with a summer stay at iQ. Booking a summer stay with a student accommodation provider can help you live the student experience all year round. Whether you want to stay in the same room for the summer or discover a city somewhere else, we’ve given you our top reasons to book a summer stay at iQ.


Enjoy city-centre living for less

If you’re someone that enjoys living in the city centre, you’ll know that it can come at a price. Student accommodation gives you a chance to live in the heart of the UK’s greatest cities at a cheaper rate.

At iQ, your bills, superfast wifi and contents insurance are on us, so you won’t have to worry about extra living expenses. Plus, unlike a hotel, you’ll have access to a kitchen to help you save money by cooking your own meals.

students walking around the city

Discover somewhere new

To get over any stress of exam season, you might be after a change of scenery. With iQ, you can book a summer stay in a range of cities across the country – you don’t need to stay at the same iQ you’ve been living in.

This is a great chance to discover somewhere new in the summer. That could mean enjoying the sea breeze from your summer accommodation in Bournemouth or heading into the heart of the capital each night from your summer accommodation in London. Wherever you choose, you’ll have a summer to remember.


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Get a head start on your studies

Summer can be a great time to take on a language or short course before you dive in to university. With a summer stay at iQ, you’ll be in a great location for a short trip to uni, perfect for rolling out of bed and getting to your lessons just a walk away.


Have a summer with your mates

For a lot of people, the social side of uni is the best bit. Spend longer with your mates by booking a summer stay together at iQ.

There are plenty of onsite spaces for you to enjoy together, plus you’ll be just moments away from whatever your city has to offer. With a shared kitchen, you’ll also get to enjoy the best of those hungover breakfasts or late-night pizza.

friends enjoying table tennis

Grow your independence

The move to uni is one that gives you tonnes of independence. Go one step further and live out a solo summer in a city of your choice and discover yourself even more this summer.

Choose a studio or apartment and perfect your cooking skills. Perfect city travel. Master cleaning your room. 

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Save a bit of stress

Heading back to the same iQ next year? Save the hassle of move-out and move-in by booking your room for the summer. You’ll need to be quick to make sure your room’s available and save the stress of moving all your stuff.

Booking a summer stay at iQ is as simple as booking your room during the year, but you’ll have more flexibility in how long you stay. You could stay for as little as a week or stick around for the whole summer. Take a look at the cities we have on offer and find the right place for you this summer.

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Location inspiration

If you're not sure where you're heading yet, take a look around our properties in all corners of the UK.

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