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You may find yourself so far away from home during your university studies that returning for Christmas is just not practical. Alternatively, you could be relishing the opportunity not to have to deal with family and have a bit of time to yourself.

Whichever it is, you could be wondering what you’ll do with yourself over the holidays. Being in your term-time home over the festive season might feel a bit strange, but don’t worry – it could be a great opportunity to do things a little differently.

Make the most of it

There won’t be as many people around as usual, so take Christmas as an opportunity to meet those who, for whatever reason, are still in the building over the holidays. Organise a dinner or drinks get-together in your flat or one of the social spaces – that’s what they’re there for! iQ communities are full of interesting characters – you could put out feelers on your residents’ Facebook group to see who wants to join you and get to know people you might not otherwise have met.

Get out on the town

City centres can be a bit quiet on Christmas Day but it’s the one day of the year you can experience them that way, so grab the chance. There’s no better time to take a walk around your neighbourhood and notice things you would usually miss, and you can get those Instagram pics in without anyone getting in the way. If you find someone to tag along, you can walk for miles and talk for hours.

A dog

Give a little

Your time and trouble will be appreciated by any number of charitable organisations over the festive season. Helping at homeless shelters, working for food banks or even using your talents to entertain others over the Christmas period – there’s a wide variety of ways you can help in your local community. It’s not just helping your fellow man either – animals need care over Christmas too, so why not get in touch with Cats Protection or the Dogs Trust and see what you can do? It might even become a regular thing.

Have a movie marathon

Your iQ cinema room is the perfect place for you to catch up on some of those cheesy Christmas movies on the big screen. Christmassy or just plain classic, put your favourite films on and spread the word – you might be joined by a few other residents and you can check out their movie recommendations too.

Share the love on social

Don’t keep your celebrations to yourself – it is Christmas after all. Social media comes into its own at this time of year, so share your photos and videos with hashtag #MyiQLife – and check out what your counterparts around the country are doing.

We hope you all have a great Christmas and Happy Holidays, however and wherever you’re spending it. But if you find it tough-going, our wellbeing partners SHOUT are always here for a helping hand.


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