University Mental Health Day: Top tips to boost your mood

Ahead of University Mental Health Day, we asked our Shout Volunteers, many of whom are students themselves, what self-care tips they’d recommend to others. Here’s what they had to say...


It took me a while to understand the importance of self-care and that I’m deserving of it, as is everybody else. I'm a huge gamer, and when I’m stressed I tend to forget how much playing video games helps me relax and refocus my energy. Failing that, I love a hot bath or shower with my favourite music playing, whether it's slow and relaxing or more upbeat and energising, depending on the mood and occasion! Or I might delve into cross-stitching, where all my focus is on that! - Jasmine


Nothing gives me a more of a sense of well-being than going for a brisk walk or a run. Getting fresh air into my lungs clears my head when I feel fuzzy or tired. Try it with music or with quietness to help you connect to the outdoors. - Sara


I block 30 minutes out in my calendar to go for a walk every day. This breaks up my day, gets me out of the house and allows me to take time away from what I’m working on. - Emma


In the winter months when it’s harder to get outside, try getting creative! You don’t have to be a pro - grab some paper or a canvas, pick up some pencils or paint and see what you create and how it makes you feel. In the summer months, I like to organise bike rides with friends. You can't solve every problem in life, so it’s helpful to take time out for the things you enjoy. - Ronald


Dance! Find a class locally or put on some music you love - and move! It can also help to release tension in your body. - Clare


Make plans to look forward to - whether that’s to see friends, go for a walk somewhere new or do a workout that helps you feel good. - Annette


Playing the right music (whatever matches my mood at the time) seems to make everything better - Laura


If you feel anxious or overwhelmed, check out Shout’s resources to help here. If you need further support, text SHOUT to 85258.


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