What to expect from Freshers’ Week

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You’ve heard all the stories and now it’s time for you to live the wonders of Freshers’ Week first hand, while for those returning for round two (or three), it's time to perfect the Freshers' Week itinerary. Here are some of the things you will experience during your first week back (before you even start the studying bit):

1.New people

You’ll meet a whole load of people, from all over the world. Avoid the urge to stay in your room - take comfort in the fact that everyone is in the same boat and just as nervous and new to the university game as you are. You won't necessarily click with everyone - but somewhere along the line you will find lifelong friends. And even if you've already met a great group of friends, it doesn't mean you can't spread your wings and meet new people.

2. Socialising 

With student clubs, events and plenty of cheap bar and student union deals, Freshers’ Week is the perfect time to get out and discover your new town or city. Pace yourself, though, Freshers flu is no myth. 

Don’t drink? Fear not, universities have plenty of day and night-time activities that don’t revolve around alcohol... there will be plenty of other (sober) activities you can take part in. Ghost tour anyone?

3. Fancy dress 

No Freshers’ Week would be complete without a few themed dress-up nights. And sometimes it’s the homemade outfits that work the best - they show off your sense of humour and are a great conversation-starter. You can make pretty much anything out of a cardboard box (true story). If you missed out last year make sure you attend one this year - fancy dress parties are a rite of passage!

4. Freshers’ Fair 

No matter how great a lie-in sounds, make sure you make it to your Freshers’ Fair. Be it hockey, theatre or, er, cheese appreciation, there’s bound to be a club or society to interest you. In case that isn’t encouragement enough, how about the promise of freebies? From stationery to pizza (so much pizza), rejoice in all the things that cost no money.

5. Refreshers

Don’t be fooled by the name, Freshers Week isn’t just for newbies. But if you don’t quite fancy doing the whole thing again, why not volunteer as a Fresher helper or rep? That way you can help ease new students in and show them the way. It's great to build your CV too and you'll get free tickets to some of the events. Win-win!

The important thing to remember is to take it easy and have fun. While Freshers’ Week is a great chance to meet new people and have a good time, it's by no means your only chance. At iQ, we host regular events throughout the year. Be sure to check out the event posters around your building to see what's coming up.


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