Working from home: a guide to making the most of your online education

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You might be at home, but that doesn’t mean your studies are over. We’ve put together our top tips for you to make the most of your online education.


Set your alarm

Keep your alarm time consistent - and make it early enough that you have some time for yourself before you start studying for the day. It’s a good habit, and will stop you feeling rushed ahead of starting to study, so you don’t keep pushing back your start time.


Get up and get changed

Even if it’s just to get changed into something equally relaxing! Getting changed acts as a break from your night’s sleep, meaning that you make a clear distinction between when it’s sleeping time and when it’s studying time, rather than letting them all roll into one. 


Get active

Whether you choose to go outside for a run as per government guidelines, or do a home workout, it's great for both your physical and mental wellbeing to be active. It allows for time to decompress from your studies and either get yourself ready for the day, or wind down for the evening.


Create a workspace

Do not work from your sofa or, even worse, your bed! Create yourself a clear working space to allow yourself that separation between ‘studying’ and ‘relaxing’. Having both activities happening in the same space will make it more difficult for you to switch off in the evening as you associate the space with both. 


Make time for breaks

You have a lot of breaks without even realising when you’re at university, whether that is going for a coffee with friends or nipping out for lunch. It’s important you factor in these breaks when you’re working from home as your brain needs a break in order to have great productivity in the longer term. Don’t feel guilty for allowing yourself a break. 


Keep in touch with your friends

You might not be with them, but make sure you keep checking in with your friends. Grab a coffee with them, enjoy lunch with them but just do it all virtually. Self-isolation doesn’t have to feel so isolating, jump on a video call and keep in touch with each other. 


Have a finish time

You would usually leave the library at a certain time, pack up and go home for the evening. So, make sure you’re doing the same when studying at home, by setting an alarm that reminds you of your usual time and encourages you to pack up for the evening. If you work too much, too soon, you will find you burn out, so make sure you keep it manageable.


Be aware of your mental wellbeing

These are unprecedented circumstances so make sure you’re making time for your mental wellbeing and tapping into what helps you - whether that be practising meditation, getting creative or keeping in touch with friends. Recognise how you’re feeling and explore different methods to help you cope with this. Everyone is different, so everyone has different ways of coping, and that’s ok.


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