12 Days of Christmas - Your flat decorations



It's Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas and to celebrate it getting closer to Christmas we asked for photos of how you decorated your student homes.

Our iQ homes are full of so many creative individuals. We got submissions ranging from handmade decorations to intricately designed snow flakes.


Find out if you're one of the winners of a £15 Tesco voucher...

  1. Gabriela Resende, iQ Astor House
  2. Christian Bessell, iQ Grosvenor House
  3. Carrie Walton, iQ Pavilions
  4. Zac Manwaring, iQ Raffles House
  5. Jess Nixon, iQ Ty Willis House
  6. Tyler Mazurek, iQ Ty Willis House

Congratulations! Your vouchers will be on their way in the new year. 


Day 8 is all about looking at back at the year you've had. We're asking you to tag your favourite 2017 holiday snap with #iQStudents. There'll be 5 winners of a £20 Restaurant Choice gift card.