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The Santa Clause’s Gift Guide

Santa Clause Gift Guide by iQ Student Accommodation

Christmas is a great time for many different reasons: the food, spending time with loved ones, Christmas TV and of course, presents.

Whilst Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause may not be sat in his workshop in the North Pole making hand-made presents for you, you can make it like The Santa Clause by gifting your loved ones with some of these great presents, all while on a budget.


For the gadget lover

Know someone that loves to sing in the shower? Then why not get them this waterproof, Bluetooth speaker so they can brush up on their X-Factor audition at all times (you may also need to buy yourself some headphones). Everyone knows at least one person who is forever losing their keys, solve their problem by getting them this handy key finder. And for that somewhat lazy friend why not get them this nifty self-stirring mug.


For the stationery stylist

Studying while at university can sometimes become a bit boring and mundane, but one way to turn this around is by having fun and stylish stationery. These cool notebooks make the perfect gift for someone who always has pizza on the brain. If you know someone who always has a To Do List as long as their arm, then why not help them get their thoughts in order with this desk pad. Mindfulness is a great skill that can help calm you and keep you focussed, this fun journal does exactly that.


For the movie buff

Know someone who makes the most of their Netflix account each month and has always seen the most recent movie releases? Then these gifts are for them. Lots of people claim to be ‘the most dedicated Harry Potter fan’, but why not test that statement by getting them the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, it’s the perfect game to play on Christmas Day after you’re full from lunch. For the individual that already thinks they know everything about film, why not get them The Movie Book. And for that GoT fan that is still holding on, there’s this funny but sad Hodor door stop (*Spoiler alert*).


Let’s get personal

Make a gift extra special this Christmas by personalising it. If you know someone who’s creative and loves drawing why not get them these personalised colouring pencils. Everyone knows at least one person who is absolutely crazy about brie, camembert and every other type of cheese, treat that individual to a personalised cheese board this Christmas. For a present that really is out of this world why not Name a Star after a special someone.


Whilst we can’t all be The Santa Clause with an army of elves to help us with our presents and a constant refill of hot cocoa, we can still buy the best presents for all those we care about.

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