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Boost your funds, and your CV!


Last time, we explained why you shouldn’t let your student debt stress you out… but if you do want to put the brakes on borrowing, here’s 10 wily ways to supplement your income. 

Bars and restaurants are the typical go-to for student jobs, but while pouring pints or serving salads will arm you with some transferable skills, there’s a bucketload of jobs that could earn you more cash, plus kudos for your CV ahead of entering the ‘real world’ of work.


People skills and team work

Brand Ambassador

Many brands targeted to young people hire teams of gregarious students to push their products on campus - from food and drink to sports and lifestyle e.g. Red Bull, Nike and Boohoo. The work is fun, the hours are flexible, and the money can be fab – with opportunities to rack up performance bonuses on top of your hourly pay. Check out student brand ambassador roles at Indeed and marketing agencies.

Movie extra

Whether you’re a budding actor or just fancy an entertaining way of earning around £80 per day, consider signing up as an extra for TV, films and commercials. You don’t need previous experience or training, but you will need to be reliable and patient - be prepared for a fair bit of hanging around. 

Most extras start by signing up with a local casting agent, but do your research and try to get recommendations, because unfortunately there are rogue agents around. Agents take a cut from your earnings, so be clear about arrangements before taking on work.


Leadership and responsibility

Private Tutor

Make good use of all that knowledge you have acquired at uni! Tutoring GCSE or A-level students in your degree subject can be really rewarding, plus it pays better than most student jobs, and offers the flexibility to fit around your own workload.

You can create an online tutor profile and set your hourly rate - try Tutorful or MyTutor. You’ll need to apply for a DBS check to work with children. (Disclosure and Barring Service is a criminal records check.) 


Looking after children can be lucrative, and if they’re asleep, you can get paid to revise or study!  Check local ads for what to charge, but in most areas you could earn over £8 an hour. Look for local community Facebook groups, write a friendly message to parents, and be prepared to provide references from families you’ve worked with before.  You might need a DBS check, although not all parents will request one.  

Dog walker and dog sitter

Prefer canines to kids? 

Sell your free time as a dog sitter or dog walker, and combine funds with fresh air and fitness!  With an App like DogBuddy, you can create a profile and set your hourly rate. They claim you can earn up to £1,500 a month. The company provides insurance cover and 24/7 vet support. https://uk.dogbuddy.com/become-a-dog-sitter

Or try others like Care/Pet Care, Barking Mad and Tailster for regular or occasional jobs.


Organisation and forward planning

Sell your skills

If your uni course is vocational, exploit your expertise – many small businesses and start-ups need help with design, social media, marketing, accountancy or even general admin, but they can’t afford to pay high commercial rates. Check out local companies, and market your services professionally. Make sure you tailor your approach to each specific organisation. As a freelancer, you can work whenever you have spare time, and start charging more as you build up experience and a reputation.  See how it works at Upwork  or PeoplePerHour.


Proactiveness and entrepreneurialism

Enterprising entrepreneurs

Follow the lead of my flatmate, whose mum taught him to cut and style hair – it earned him 3 years of free drinks and a good many mates! Another lad charged £3 per head for round trips to the supermarket and train station drop-offs in his VW Golf. And then there’s Ali, who turned her sewing skills into a thriving business at uni, crafting laptop cases and accessories. See her story here. https://hellograds.com/news/rewards-and-challenges-of-running-a-business-at-university/

Cash in your clutter

If you don’t need it, flog it - old textbooks, why-on-earth-did-I-buy-that clothes, last year’s computer games, given-up-sports equipment, or musical instruments you rarely touch etc. Try local car boot sales, advertise on campus, or sell it online. Bear in mind that ebay charges sellers fees, but the company does offer protection for buyers and sellers.  If you use free-listing sites like Gumtree, do take care to protect yourself when handing over goods and getting payment.

Delivery Driver

If you have a smart phone and transport (bike/motorbike/car) you can pay your way by delivering food to customers. Deliveroo are frequently recruiting riders and claim you can make as much as £120 a day. Work when you want, and enjoy a free workout while really getting to know your city. You could also enquire about jobs at local takeaways, as well as big chains like Domino’s Pizza  or Pizza Hut, who are always on the lookout for drivers.


Critical analysis and writing skills

Do reviews

No need to budge - make easy money from your sofa!
Dozens of websites offer the chance to earn quick cash or vouchers for surveys or market research: writing product reviews, watching videos, browsing websites and filling in online surveys. UserTesting pays people to review a website or app. Each review takes about 20 minutes and pays $10 (£7). Take a look at leading American-based Swagbucks or the Top Online Survey Sites recommended by Money Saving Expert.




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