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The Ultimate Guide to Burns Night 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Burns Night 2018

Burns Night is always on the 25th of January. On this day, the life and work of Scottish poet Robert Burns is celebrated. Whether you’ve heard of it or not, people from Tokyo to Toronto, and everywhere in between, follow Scotland in celebrating the life and work of Robert Burns. This year’s celebrations fall on a Thursday but there will be events in your area on the weekend as well as the 25th. Check before you head out as some places are ticket only events!

Traditionally, celebrants have a Burns supper. Here at iQ we love the friends and family vibe so read on below to see how you can host your very own Burns night in your flat #iQLiving

Each Burns Night is completely individual and different, you can do as little or as much as we’re suggesting. It’s all up to you. If you do celebrate with us make sure to send us your selfies and photos of the night with the hashtag #iQBurnsNight #iQSocial.

You’ll need a top table if you’re being fancy. However, you can settle for the table in your kitchen.

Next, you’ll need to prepare poems to read and then decide who will be reading them. This doesn’t have to be serious, we just want this to be an opportunity for you and your flat mates to get together and have some spirited fun. If your university has a poetry society this is the perfect time to network and make some new friends.

Now the best part... food!
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Your Burns Night 2018 Dinner menu



Scotch Broth.

Cullen Skink.



The star of the show naturally is Haggis!

If this is too daunting for you another traditional option is steak pie.




The Cheese Board.

Clootie Dumplings.



Scottish Whiskey (in moderation).



Don’t worry if this all sounds scary, we had to do a few Google searches ourselves. All the meals are tasty, filling and cheap.


Once you’re all fed remember to share your selfies with us!

If a night in isn’t for you, search for things happening in your local area for the event. There are usually ticketed events ranging from £20-£45.

There you have it Burns Night 2018 brought to you by iQ. Enjoy!