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Make a fresh start with work, health & wealth, to get the most out of 2018. 
As usual, come January we’re bombarded with thoughts, blogs, vlogs and more, telling us how to set and keep new year’s resolutions. I am a sucker for a January re-set so I am not one to discourage you, as it’s just too tempting to begin the year with a fresh head. And Mark Zuckerberg is an advocate for new year’s resolutions, so we’re happy to be too! 
If like me, the holidays give you time to think, January is when the motivation kicks in. It’s important to mention that setting goals shouldn’t be a time to reflect on negative parts of 2017, this is a new year and a new chapter - so treat it like one. It’s not always an easy task, especially when you’re drowning in revision, so if you’re struggling with stress or feeling overwhelmed, see our Stress Survival Guide… then read our top tips for goal setting. 
When life is full-on, taking a step back and looking at what you want to achieve can be very beneficial. Goal setting can be a great way to feel re-invigorated and improve productivity. It’s a personal project, so just stick with what matters to you.
Bring on the new term! Set some realistic expectations for 2018, which will help you have a well-rounded year.
Planning too many goals is a non-starter! Choose a manageable number, like 3, so you feel the benefit of actually achieving. Consider objectives related to different aspects of your life, so you don’t feel bogged down by just ‘fitness goals’.
Keep it simple so you will keep going. Maybe build on something you already do, rather than some new intimidating mega mission. Change is gradual so you can start small and build it up throughout the year. If it’s too easy, ramp it up.
Reward yourself when you finish, but make sure you celebrate progress along the way, and your commitment too. Book in a massage, go for a drink at the pub or watch something at the cinema etc.  
Be realistic, bearing in mind your uni work, social and other commitments. Quantifiable measures can help you keep track of your progress, and give satisfaction when you reach those mini milestones e.g. ’I will do yoga 100 times in 2018’ then use a list to tick off each time you complete.
Many of us focus on improvements relating to exercise, food, weight, work ethic, personal habits, get a job etc. But also set some goals around things you LIKE doing, e.g. go to the theatre 5 times this year, I always feel inspired when I go and enjoy it so much - so why not go more often. Resolutions aren’t supposed to be a form of torture or self-deprecation. 
In a study of the art and science of goal setting, it was revealed ‘you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis’. 
I have my list of goals on my desktop so it’s handy, and have told a couple of my besties what they are, so they can encourage me.
Write down what motivated you, what was the purpose and what will be the outcome. This will be useful to reflect upon throughout the year, and if we ever need a little extra push, remembering why we did it is usually a good start! 
Apparently, we’re more likely to stick to our goals if we do it for someone else, so we are held accountable.  However, these are YOUR goals, so if this doesn’t fit, that’s ok. 
Goal setting is a chance to reflect, re-inspire and be the best you can be. 
Do yoga 100 times in 2018 - I’m trying to get better at it, because it helps me manage stress as well as stay fit.
Go to the theatre at least once every 3 months (including cheaper local productions) – just because I love it 
Save £X every month - saving has only recently become a reality for me, so I will enjoy being able to put some money away 
We hope this has helped you to figure out what you might like to achieve in 2018. 
I’m just off to pop some pounds in the piggy bank, then find my zen in a yoga session before heading off to the theatre.
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