What to consider when picking the right accommodation for your child

Picking the right accommodation for your child with iQ Student Accommodation

It’s important that your child has the best university experience and where they live will play a big part of it. For this reason, we have picked the 6 main points to consider when selecting accommodation for your child.


1.       Safe and secure

When moving away from home the most important thing is for them to be safe. Many private rented houses aren’t in central locations, which means students end up walking long distances during the day and often at night as well. All of our iQ houses are in central locations, have CCTV, 24 hour staff presence and security, fire alarms in every room and secure key fob access to maximise the protection of our residents.

2.       Location

The location of the accommodation can make a huge difference to how they balance lectures, revision and socialising. Living close to the city or town centre and their university or college, will mean that they can easily pop back home in their free time, give extra time in the morning and get home faster after a long day. They can enjoy life to the full when they live with iQ

3.       Amenities

Great amenities help to enhance your child’s student experience. At iQ each house offers essentials amenities such as onsite laundry rooms, en suites bathrooms and common rooms.  With modern furnishings and regularly refurbished social spaces and rooms; your child won’t have to worry about busy showers in the mornings, having no space for their belongings, or long walks to the library during exam season.

In many of our houses, you will also find fully equipped gyms, cinema rooms and shared dining spaces, as well as convenient bike storages.

4.       Student life

In order to balance all the aspects of student life and get into the right routine, it is important that your child’s accommodation supports and encourages both socialising and revision. Many privately rented student houses have been converted for the purpose, which can decrease the quality in ways such as no space to work on in the bedroom, or no living room because it has been converted into a room.

All our properties have been purposely built for students, so they will get a mixture of shared spaces designed to socialise, relax or study in. Each room has also been provided with a dedicated study area, to help your son or daughter reach the highest level of productivity whilst revising. Most of our buildings also have quiet areas, meeting rooms which can be booked out and communal study rooms, which are used for group projects, research and presentation practice.

5.       Flexibility

At iQ we understand that not everybody has the same personal requirements or needs. From making adjustments to rooms in case of mobility limitations, to allowing residents to stay in their rooms during the holidays, we have worked hard to adapt to every tenants’ needs as much as possible. We also welcome students from all universities, courses, backgrounds and countries; and pride in our flexible approach towards religious and cultural requirements, so we can help our residents have their best year yet.

6.       Quality and customer satisfaction

Ultimately, it is the quality of the accommodation and customer service that can have an effect on how smoothly the year goes for your child. It is therefore essential to look out for the key aspects when searching for a place to live: Cleanliness and modernity, amenities, size and type of rooms, customer service and speed of fixing maintenance issues. At iQ, we ensure that there is always someone to help through our 24 hour staff presence, and any issue can be logged through our online portal. We aim to cause the minimum inconvenience to our residents, which is why we fix faults as soon as possible.

We have also been recognised by ANUK with the national code accreditation, as we continually aim to improve the experiences of our residents, through regular refurbishments of both rooms and social spaces.