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The ultimate student guide to saving money on food

The ultimate student guide to saving money on food by iQ Student Accommodation


The ultimate student guide to saving money on food

As students, money (or lack of) is constantly present in our minds, but we’re here to give you the best tips to help you make every penny count. Due to the popularity of or blog about saving money on your food shopping, we decided to put together some more tips and tricks.


Get your basics from cheap and cheerful value brands

Basics like pasta, chopped tomatoes or yoghurt can be up to 60% cheaper if you switch to value brands. Most of the time, you won’t taste or see a difference and if you stick to these products for all your student years, the amount that you’ll save will be huge. £1 stores such as Poundland or Poundworld are also amazing to ensure that you don’t go over your budget, and are especially good for snacks, cleaning products, home decorations and so on.


Compare, compare, compare

You’ve probably been to the supermarket and bought a tin of tomato sauce for £1, only to pop into a different shop and see the exact same sauce for 40p. There’s plenty of websites that give you the cheapest shops from which you can buy a product because as a student you know that every penny will go a long way!

A popular website is My Supermarket, which will also give you great cashbacks if you shop through their site.


Take couponing to the max

Take advantage of as much as you can, collect coupons from magazines, newspapers or even online; they’re a great way of saving up and getting offers on items you were probably already purchasing. Your Student Union might also do exclusive offers and discounts, so make sure that you keep an eye on their website and social media.

However, our ultimate tip is using cashback apps or websites. With apps such as Top Cashback or Check Out Smart, you will receive cashback for any product that you purchase through them, from Sainsbury’s and Argos, to Three or GAME.


Search your app store

Let’s not forget that there are apps out there for everything, including saving money on food. EyesOn Marketforce is a mystery shopper app in which you sign up, go out for dinner or do some shopping in selected places. You will get reimbursed for the majority, if not all the money you spend, once you’ve completed the relevant questionnaire and uploaded a photo of your receipt.

Olio is our new favourite app. People around your area will advertise items that they don’t want, and you can have them for free! These items are usually food that is about to expire, but you can also find other home products and even furniture.


Be smart with your food

Finally, just a few tips to help you be even more successful at saving. Things like getting every loyalty card you possibly can and avoiding going shopping when you’re hungry can make a huge difference. Always take home your leftovers if you eat out and remember to freeze any food that you won’t eat before the expiry date.


Remember that the more of these tips you put into practice, the more money you’ll save on food.

If you have any other tips for saving money, don’t forget to tell us on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy shopping!