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Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions

Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions by iQ Student Accommodation


Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is getting closer, so it’s time to review 2017 and make plans for the year ahead.  New year’s resolutions are an easy way to highlight the main changes you wish to make. From volunteering, to smiling more or buying less fast food, there are plenty of options for you to pick from. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at our top 6 new year’s resolutions below.


1. Get in shape

This option is getting more and more popular each year, probably due to all the indulgent eating during the holiday season. Despite what it might seem like, becoming fit is not an impossible mission. To ensure success, just start with a simple exercise schedule and start including healthier food in your diet. The goal isn’t to cut out everything that’s unhealthy or spend hours in the gym every day; but to start a habit of healthy eating and get into a work out routine.


2. Mindfulness

Life can be unpredictable and the stress of university isn’t always easy to manage, which is why learning how to stay positive is a must. Living happily and at peace with yourself is essential to succeed in any other of your resolutions. Although it might seem easier said than done, once you start getting involved in mindfulness you’ll realise how simple it can be to redirect your negative thoughts and stress into positivity and motivation. The difference that your attitude can have on a year is immense and apps like Headspace or Calm are perfect to get started, they’re also free!


3. Volunteering

Spending your free time helping those in need can be super gratifying and a great opportunity to try something new, build confidence and make new friends. There are lots of easy ways to get started; organisations such as Do It  have plenty of options across the UK, so you can pick what suits you best. You can also join a volunteering society, so you can help out and make a difference whilst still being involved in the student life through socials and nights out with the rest of the members.


4. Learn a new language

Learning a language not only will help you with your communication skills, it will also look great on your CV, not to mention the opportunities that it will bring you. There are dedicated apps to help you learn a language, such as Duolingo which allows you to pick levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced). Many universities also offer free-of-charge language lessons, why not speak with your personal tutor or make an enquiry to find out your options?


5. Travel more

Travelling is considered one of the most enriching experiences ever, and taking a few breaks throughout the year will help you focus better when you get back to revision. The people you could meet, the experiences you’ll have, and everything you will learn could have an amazing impact in your year. Just think of all the cool stories you would have to share. Despite what it might seem like, you don’t need lots of money to be able to travel, especially if you pick European destinations, and there are websites out there which offer great deals and discounts, such as Skyscanner, HolidayPirates or TravelZoo.


6. Save money

This one is a popular one, who doesn’t want to save money? If after drawing a budget for your weekly spending, you find yourself unable to save up, getting a part time job is a great way of making extra cash and stop going into your savings. You could also sell any items you don’t need on eBay. Don’t miss our tips on how to save money on food, so you can also make the most out of your food shopping budget.


Regardless of the resolutions you pick, have a great 2018!