Book with friends

Do you want to live with people you know when you move to iQ? Then ‘Book with friends’ is what you’re looking for.

Book with Friends is the easiest way to reserve a set of rooms in the same iQ flat. Here’s how it works:

  1. Search for the property you like (you can start here)
  2. Log in or register on our booking portal
  3. Select the property you want to live at
  4. Search for available rooms and select the ones you want to reserve for yourself and your friends
  5. Add your friends’ names and email addresses so we can send them your invitation to book their rooms - (they will need to use the link in their invitation email to respond and will have 24 hours to do so)
  6. Reserve your room by paying the booking fee, and make sure your friends do the same
  7. Celebrate that you will all be living together at iQ soon!

We will reserve the rooms you have chosen for your friends for 24 hours from the time we send the invitation emails. If they accept, you will all have a further 48 hours to pay your booking fees and secure your bookings (Note: you can still secure your own room during this time, whether your friends accept or not).

Any questions? See our Book with Friends FAQs below.

Please note that the book with friends process can only be used for bookings within the same flat, and is not available on studio room types. If you need any assistance with your booking please contact the relevant site team who will be happy to help.

What happens if one of the group cancels their booking?

Each person is responsible for their own personal booking only, so there will be no impact on the other members of the group.

I have already booked with iQ and now I want my friends to join me. Can I do this?

Please contact the iQ site you booked with to see if this is possible.

My friend has already booked with iQ and now wants to join my group. How does that work?

Your friend will need to contact the iQ site they have booked with to make the arrangements. Their existing booking can be swapped to the same flat if there are rooms available.

Do the friends I invite need to be registered with iQ?

No – but if they’re not registered they will be asked to do so when accepting the invitation.

I want one type of room and my friend wants another. Is this possible?

Some flats at some of our properties do include a variety of room types. When you come to select the rooms you want, you will be able to see what is available at your chosen site and select accordingly.

One of us wants to change the length of our contract. Is this possible?

Please contact the iQ site directly to discuss this. Please note that the room may not be available with another contract length.

Will there be anyone else living in our chosen flat?

This will depend on the size of the flat and the number of rooms you book. When you search for rooms on ‘Book with Friends’ we will show you all available rooms – there may already be other people booked into a flat. You can see how many rooms are still available in a flat on this page.

I created a group, and now someone else wants to join it. Can they?

Let your friend know the flat number that you have booked and they can use our standard booking journey to book themselves into any remaining rooms in that flat. Contact the iQ site if you are unsure.

Can I invite extra friends in case some of them decline the invitation?

No, you can only invite one friend per selected room. If one of your friends declines and you wanted someone else to take their place, they would need to book separately using the standard booking process and search for available rooms in your chosen flat.

I sent an invitation to someone but they declined. Do I need to do anything?

No, if they decline we will put the room back on sale – but we will let you know they declined. You are not required to find a replacement if any of your invited friends decline.

I received an invitation to live at iQ but I don’t want to. Do I need to do anything?

No, you can ignore the invitation – we’ll put the room back on sale after 72 hours. If you want to let us know you won’t be accepting, you can log into the portal (or register) and select the decline option. In this case we will send a notification to your friend.

What happens if I invite someone who has already booked?

They will not be able to book the room you suggested online. If they want to change their existing booking, they will need to contact the iQ site they booked with to make the arrangements. Their deposit would be transferred to the new booking.

Will I know if one of the group cancels their booking?

We would only notify the lead booker if their friends accept or decline invitations, not the other members of the group. We would not notify any of the group if someone was to subsequently cancel their booking.

Do I need to pay my booking fee before I invite my friends?

You will not be able to pay your booking fee until your friends have either accepted or declined their invitations, or the invitations have expired, which is 24 hours after they have been sent. We will send you an email to let you know when you can pay your booking fee and complete your booking. In total, you have 72 hours to pay your booking fee from when we send them their invitation emails. If plans change, you are not obliged to continue with your booking.

Does accepting an invitation from someone commit me to taking the room?

No, you won’t have reserved the room until you have paid the booking fee.

Where can I find more information about the iQ site my friend has suggested?

You can search for the site by name, city or a nearby university at the top of this page.

There’s something else I need to know about iQ. How do I find the answer?

Please take a look at our general FAQ section here – or you can get in touch.

Where do I add my refer a friend promo code?

There will be an opportunity to add this during each booking on our resident portal for you and your friends.