Booking Terms and Conditions

These tenancy booking terms and conditions set out the terms and conditions which apply to your booking with iQ Student Accommodation for students booking their accommodation via Abertay University. If you do not understand these terms and conditions or the Tenancy Agreement you are encouraged to seek appropriate advice before accepting them.

Required Payments at Time of Booking: Booking Fee treated as Advanced Payment of Rent

Payment of the Booking Fee constitutes your acceptance that the Booking Fee is retained by us as a holding deposit to secure your room in accordance with these terms and conditions. You agree that the deadline to conclude the Tenancy Agreement following receipt of the Booking Fee shall be 15 days thereafter, or any other period agreed to by us (the “Deadline”). As agreed by entering into the Tenancy Agreement, the Booking Fee will be treated as a payment towards your first rental payment and credited to your rent account. 

Application Screening

By you paying the Booking Fee, you give us express consent to use the details provided by you to undertake searches against sanction lists maintained by the governments of (a) the United Kingdom; (b)the United States and (c) other countries as we choose including those maintained by the United Kingdom Treasury and the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control. This will not affect your rights and/or our obligations to you under the Data Protection Act 2018.

You have the right to ask us not to undertake such searches but in doing so we will not be able to progress your application.

Debit / Credit Card Surcharge Fees

There will be no surcharge for payments made using a Debit Card/Credit Card.

Your Booking

By you paying to us a Booking Fee, we agree to hold a selected room for you on the basis that you will enter into a Tenancy Agreement by the Deadline.

Your Tenancy Agreement

You will receive a copy of a tenancy agreement to be entered into by you, your guarantor and iQ Student Accommodation (the “Tenancy Agreement”), including your tenancy letter and these terms & conditions for review and acceptance via the Resident Portal. The Tenancy Agreement sets out the full terms under which you agree to rent a room of iQ Student Accommodation. You will have the opportunity to read the Tenancy Agreement before you are required to confirm your acceptance of it. Your tenancy letter includes a full schedule of your rent instalments and payment due dates.

You may cancel your booking or Tenancy Agreement with us subject to the cancellation policy detailed below.

Cancellation policy

Period before you enter into the Tenancy Agreement - Failure to complete your application and enter into the Tenancy Agreement by the Deadline

iQ Student Accommodation will return your Booking Fee and cancel your booking on receipt of written notice from you.

Period from and including when you have entered into the Tenancy Agreement

Cancellation by us

Failure to collect your key within timeframe

If you enter into the Tenancy Agreement, and you then fail to collect your key within 5 weeks of the Tenancy Start Date, iQ Student Accommodation reserves the right to: (a) cancel your booking and terminate the Tenancy Agreement and (b) re-let your room.

Cancellation by you

If you have entered into the Tenancy Agreement and you wish to cancel your booking prior to collecting your keys, you may cancel your booking by providing us with written notice.

Governing law

These terms and conditions (including any claims or disputes relating thereto) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Scotland. The Parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts over any claim, dispute or other matter arising under or in connection with these terms.