Cashback at iQ


What is cashback? 

At iQ, cashback is a cash bonus delivered in the form of a pre-paid Visa card. You may be eligible to receive cashback when you book a room - current cashback offers are shown on our cashback offers page. If your property choice has a cashback offer available, make sure you enter the promo code during the booking process.  

Your cashback card is delivered in the post. When you get your card, you need to activate it - just follow the instructions provided with the card. 

See our terms and conditions for more information.

How can I spend my cashback? 

You can spend your cashback anywhere that accepts Visa, with a few exceptions for businesses who don't accept pre-paid cards. 

Use it for your everyday essentials at the supermarket, treat yourself to a takeaway delivery, buy the books you need for your studies, or maybe even book a holiday... it's just like having the cash in your bank account. 

When I first moved to iQ they gave me a cashback card which was really great. It helped me buy a few things for my room like loads of plants, green tea and my speaker.

Abbey, iQ Weaver Place

Cashback cards from iQ


Can I use contactless payment with my cashback card?

Yes, you can use your card to make contactless payments where you see the Contactless logo. 

Can I use my card outside the UK?

Yes, however a 2.5% foreign exchange fee will apply to foreign currency transactions.

Can I use my card with Apple Pay?

Yes, you can save your card to use with Apple Pay. You can use mobile payment in-store, online and in apps using mobile devices like our smartphone, tablet or smart-watch. 

Is there anything I can't spend my cashback on?

Yes, there are something you can't use your cashback for - you can't withdraw cash from an ATM, obtain cashback from merchants, obtain foreign currency or travellers' cheques, or settle outstanding balances on credit cards, bank overdrafts or credit agreements. Your cashback also can't be used to pay for recurring transactions, adult entertainment or online gambling and betting. 

Does my cashback card expire?

Yes! And this is important - you need to spend the money on your cashback card before the expiry date shown on the card.

You won't get a replacement card. So it's use it or lose it. 

If you already have a cashback card you can check your remaining balance by logging into your card account.

Having problems with your card, lost your card or misplaced your pin?

Contact customer services on 01908 303488 or or view the full set of FAQs.

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