Checking in

Feeling at home yet

Now that you have had time to settle in, we'd love to hear your thoughts about your new home, the iQ welcome and your move-in experience. Complete the check in survey and be in with the chance of winning one of 30 Amazon Echo Dots!

Step-by-step guide to an easy check-in with Fast Pass

You can sail through your first day at iQ by doing a lot of the heavy lifting in advance.


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Want to arrive early?

Front-load some extra time with us by adding a Summer Stay up to your moving-in date. Find out how here.

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Join our social groups

There’s a page just for your iQ site over on Facebook. Join the group and find some friendly faces ahead of time.

Meet your flatmates before you arrive Meet your flatmates before you arrive

What to bring

Tendency to over-pack? Work out what’s essential, what’s nice-to-have and what’s a no-no with the help or our checklist.

Read our checklist Read our checklist


For a host of helpful services, including bedding and kitchen pack deliveries to your new iQ home, PingLocker can help you out.

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iQ Life

From student life soundtracks to exclusive events and giveaways, get the little extras that make iQ Life brighter.

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Helpful articles

For advice on planning your future, need-to-know info and a little more about our teams and cities, browse our Reading Room.

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Checking in: make yourself at home

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. If there’s something you need to know, take a look at our iQ FAQs.

Pre arrival/On arrival

I’m struggling to pay my first rent instalment. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble paying, it’s worth talking to your guarantor first – that’s what they’re there for. You can also ask your iQ team about possibly downgrading to a cheaper room or shorter tenancy if available.


I don’t like my flatmates. Help!

Don’t panic, things may settle down in time. If there are specific issues, have a word with your iQ team and we’ll see if we can help resolve things. If it’s really a non-starter, we might be able to offer you a different room (there might be a small admin charge depending on the reasons for the move).


I don’t like it here. Can I cancel my contract?

If uni isn’t for you or you’re just not feeling at home with us, speak to your iQ team first. We may be able to put your forward for ‘tenancy release’, depending on the reasons – we will often require proof of the circumstances to do this. Alternatively, if you can find someone to take over your tenancy, you’re free to go. Subject to iQ T&Cs.

If you’re moving to a different university, we may be able to transfer you to a different iQ property – again, speak to your iQ team about this.

It depends – if you can find someone to take over your tenancy, you’re free to go.

If your university isn’t right for you and you’re moving to a different one, we may be able to transfer you to a different iQ property – speak to your iQ team about this.

If student life isn’t for you or you’re just not feeling at home with us, speak to your iQ team first. We may be able to put your forward for ‘tenancy release’, depending on the reasons – we will often require proof of the circumstances to do this. Just be aware that there’s no guarantee you will be released from your tenancy obligations.


Can I change my room or contract?

Possibly, so it’s worth speaking to your iQ team about it. Usually, you can only downgrade your room or shorten your tenancy before 31st July. After that, you can usually only upgrade your room or increase your tenancy length. Talk to the manager of your site if you have any questions about doing this – they will help you if they can.


My contract start date doesn’t work for me. Can I move in another day?

Sure – as long as you have paid your first instalment, you can move in on any date after your contract starts. When you complete pre-check-in, you can let us know your expected arrival date and time – this helps us make sure there’s someone there to welcome you when you arrive.

If you want to move in early, you’ll need to check this is possible by making an early arrival booking. This way we can check that your room will be available when you want it.


I’ve lost my keys – what do I do?

Let Reception know – you will need to buy a new key and/or fob and they can tell you how much this will cost. If it’s out of hours, show some ID to security and they will be able to give you access to your room. At some sites, they may also be able to take payment for a new set of keys and give them to you there and then.


Do I need to let you know if I go home for Christmas/Easter/the weekend?

You are free to stay through the entire length of your contract, but if you do go away it’s worth letting your iQ team know. If there was a fire or other serious incident while you are away, we’ll know you are safe. If anything else was to happen in your flat, we will also know you weren’t involved.


I want to have a party. Who’s coming?

Woah, slow down there. Sorry, parties aren’t allowed in your own flat at iQ… but most sites do have good social spaces where you can hold an event. Just speak to the team first to book an area – they might even throw in a few snacks.

We’re always looking for suggestions for social events – if you have an idea for one, we might be able to fund it for you!


Can I decorate my room?

Yes, but there are some things we ask you not to do – like sticking Sellotape or Blu Tack on the walls, and obviously drawing pins, nails and the like are a big no-no.

There are lots of ways to make your room feel like home – why not get some inspiration? It’ll be ready for Instagram in no time.


Can you arrange transport from the airport when I arrive?

Yes, we work in partnership with Pinglocker who will be able to book airport transfers to deliver you straight to your new iQ home.

Settling in

Does my iQ site have a laundry room?

More than likely, it does. Most of our sites have a laundry room where you can wash and dry your clothes. These are operated by an independent provider, Circuit Laundry. You will need to pay to use the machines via a top-up card or their mobile app.

For our London residents, Pinglocker provides a convenient collection and delivery service for dry cleaning and laundry at an additional cost.


How will I get my post/mail?

Your post will be delivered to a lockable post box for your flat. Larger items or those that require a signature on delivery will be retained by Reception. We’ll let you know if there’s anything waiting for you there – you can help keep our office tidy by collecting your parcels asap.


Will my flat be cleaned?

No, that’s down to you and your flatmates. We’ll keep the common areas of the building, like the social spaces, reception and laundry, clean and tidy.

Many residents put a rota together so each person in the flat does their bit to keep it clean. If you would prefer to get someone in to do it, PingLocker offers a range of pro-housekeeping and room cleaning services.


How will I get to know people at iQ?

Our sites are home to an international community of students, often studying at several different institutions. That’s what makes life at iQ a rewarding experience – there is always someone new to meet, with different life experiences. We know these things can feel awkward, but don’t be shy to introduce yourself to people – they’re probably feeling the same!

We organise regular social events where you can get to know your fellow residents easily. Look out for building tours and welcome events too, and join our social groups to get to know your flatmates before you move in.


Is there internet access on site?

Yes, so surf away. All our sites are equipped with WiFi, accessible throughout the building at no extra charge. This service is provided by our internet partners, ASK4. If you have any issues connecting, you can find their contact details in your resident handbook.


Can I have overnight guests?

Yes, it's your home so you can have guests staying over occasionally, but please let your site team know. Your guests will need to sign in and out at Reception if they are staying overnight. Please respect your fellow residents with regard to noise and behaviour – you are responsible for any guests you bring to your iQ site. Enough said.


Do I have to be home by a certain time each night?

No, we’re not your mum – it’s up to you when you come in. But if you are returning late at night, please keep noise to a minimum out of respect to your fellow residents and neighbours.


All this moving is stressful. Can I have a cigarette?

While we do want you to feel at home, all our buildings are non-smoking for safety reasons, so please only light up in the designated smoking areas outside. Note, this also applies to e-cigarettes. Please be careful not to smoke near other residents’ windows – no one wants a room that smells of someone else’s nicotine.