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Everything You Need to Know About Clearing

Clearing 2017

Clearing for Takeoff

Not achieving the results you were hoping for might seem catastrophic – but it is far from that - don’t panic. You can still attend University through Clearing.

What is Clearing?

If you don't get the grades you need for the university course you're applying for, Clearing is an opportunity for you to take control and grab a spot on either a similar course at the same university, or the same course at a different one. Clearing provides universities a chance to fill up any vacant places on their courses – after all, they don’t want to see empty seats in their lectures come September. 

When is Clearing? 

Clearing officially opens on results day, and continues until September. As soon as results are out, time is of the essence, as you will not be the only one going through this process.  As soon as you find out your results, and how these effect your university admission, call up the clearing office and get the spot you desire. 

How Do I Go Through Clearing? 

Each university will have information on their website regarding which courses are available through Clearing. Ahead of the day, it’s best to shortlist institutions and courses that relate to your grades, areas of interest and cities that you’d like to live in. Have this Clearing checklist to hand when making calls to universities:

  • Your UCAS Personal ID number
  • Your clearing number - found on UCAS 
  • Qualifications you hold and grades achieved
  • The name of the course you wish to study

Once you’ve made a shortlist of which courses you’re interested in, call the universities. Make notes during the conversations – you may forget who has said what if you’re contacting lots of universities. Remember to make a note of names and direct contact details. 

Top Tip: When calling universities, it’s important you sell yourself to ensure you have the best chance of securing the offer. This is your chance to speak on any relevant work experience, extra-curricular activities and interests that should be highlighted.  Keeping a clear head  

Keeping a Clear Head

Most importantly, you must remember that you are not alone. There are many people that have gone through Clearing and it has worked in their favour. Remaining calm and considered on the day is what will help you get through the experience and make the right decision. Give yourself time and space to look at all of your options and learn about what each of them offer so that you can make the best decision possible for you.
Support on results day is really helpful - having someone that you are close to and that you trust can make all the difference. Remember, it is just one extra process you have to go through, and after that, you are on the journey to an exciting life as a university student.

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