10 things to do this summer for under £10

Summer student
University summers can be brilliant. The joyless slog of exams gives way to weeks of freedom, heading home to see your family, spending hot (hopefully!) days lazing in the sunshine... The one big problem is that after a year away at uni you've got no money left! That's why plenty of university students use the summer months as a chance to raise some cash by getting a summer job. But if you are low on funds and you've got some empty days to fill this summer, here are ten things you can do without spending more than a Tenner...

Have a picnic

Take advantage of the sunshine (we're bound to have SOME, surely?) by packing yourself a picnic and enjoying it in the local park or even your garden. Invite your friends along, and don't forget to bring a rug to sit on.

Play some sport

It doesn't cost much to book a tennis court or cricket net, and a kick-about in the park is completely free!

Watch some sport

Nothing says British Summer like Wimbledon... And this year, there are plenty of exciting sporting events taking place in the UK that will be televised. Want to see something in person? It might be worth queueing on the day at Wimbledon, you can actually get Grounds Admission tickets on Sunday 12th July from £5!

Visit a museum

Museums in the UK are often free to visit, and there are plenty of interestng ones up and down the country. You'll just have to pay for transport to get to the nearest one.

Go window shopping

If you don't have much money but need a bit of retail therapy, then window shopping is the answer! Spend an afternoon wandering around town, dreaming of what you'd like to buy yourself. It's great fun and won't cost you anything, but you'll need impressive will power to pull it off without giving in and buying something.


As the summer drags on, you may find that you're getting a bit restless without all that uni work to keep you occupied. Why not do something productive and worthwhile like volunteering? Spend an afternoon helping at a local charity shop or offer to volunteer at an animal shelter. There are even websites that let you volunteer online.

Have a BBQ

Even better than a picnic! If you can't host at your house, ask around your friends and see who has somewhere to hold a BBQ. Make sure everyone brings their own meat and booze to keep the costs down, then fire up the grill and get cooking.

Organise a Skype

Missing your mates from university? If you live far away from your uni friends, it may cost you a lot to go and visit them over the summer. Instead, you can always organise a Skype date so you can spend some time hanging out, catching up, and enjoying the summer together.

Go for a walk 

Free, healthy, relaxing... what could be better than a walk? Pack water, suncream and some snacks and set out on an adventure. Who knows where you'll end up! (Actually, better take a map too...)

Watch the Festivals

Summer festivals are super fun, and often super expensive. If you can't afford to go along, you've got three options. Firstly, see if you can volunteer at a festival to get in for free. If that doesn't work, you might just have to watch the televised glory of the big festivals at home. Or, thirdly, try to hunt down some small, local events to attend. There are actually some amazing free festivals around the UK this Summer, like Camden Lock Live in London. 
Got more ideas for how to spend the uni holidays this year? Tell us in the comments section below.