5 easy ways to personalise your student bedroom


Whether you've just moved in to a new uni bedroom or you've been living in student accommodation for a while, it's nice to make your student bedroom at university welcoming and homely. If you're looking for ways to put your stamp on your room at uni, we think there are five main things to think about.

Here at iQ, we like to think we're experts when it comes to student accommodation, so here are our top five things to personalise in your student bedroom...

1. The noticeboard

Every student bedroom should have a noticeboard. And you don't have to use it just for boring lecture notes! Your noticeboard is the perfect place to hoard things that matter to you - photos of your friends and families, birthday cards, inspirational quotes, recipes, notes from your mates... pin everything up on your board to really put your stamp on the room. Check out your Students Union or campus shop for cheap poster sales and slap some posters up there too.

2. The bed

Your bed takes up a large space in the room, so the way it's dressed really changes the look and style of the whole space... Your bed can be made into a welcoming, snug nest and it can add a lot of colour and personality to the room. Choose your bedding to reflect your style. Whether you go for a warm patchwork quilt or chic silky sheets, you want the look of the bed to reflect your tastes! Pile on pillows and throws to make it comfy and more visually interesting.

3. Storage

One of the main uses of your student room is storing stuff. But that doesn't mean it has to look cluttered or boring. Choose pretty boxes or cases to contain your nick-nacks and textbooks on the shelves. You'll also want a nice basket to hide your dirty laundry away in.

4. Ornaments and extras

There are so many objects that can add interest to a room - you probably already have plenty! Ornaments that mean something to you are the best way to make your room feel like home; things you've picked up while travelling or things you've had as long as you can remember will really make your room feel personalised. If your room is looking a bit bare and empty, head out to a charity shop or department store to pick up some picture frames, a clock, vases, plants, book ends, jewellery boxes and other bits and bobs that catch your eye.

5. Lamps and lighting

The way you light your room really changes the atmosphere. This is particularly important in a student bedroom as you will be studying here as well as just sleeping! Make sure you have a good desk lamp so you don't hurt your eyes while working... and then think about what other lighting you want in the room. Having a selection of small side lamps means you can turn off the main overhead light when you're relaxing in your room, creating a more chilled out atmosphere. On the other hand, fairy lights are a classic addition to any student bedroom and come in all sorts of designs and colours.


Are you pleased with how you've personalised your room? Tell us all about it in the comments below...