6 cheap and easy ways to decorate your university room

At iQ Student Accommodation, we're very proud of our modern, stylish bedrooms. But as a student moving to university, you'll probably want to put your own stamp on your bedroom and make it YOUR space. You'll want your room to be inviting for when friends pop in, and comfortably homely for when you're feeling a bit homesick (or when you're suffering from freshers flu!)
So, here are our eight simple, easy, and cheap ways to make your student accommodation into a real home-from-home...
1. Fabrics, throws, and pillows
Your bed is the easiest place to add some colour and life to your room. Plus, considering the amount of time you're going to spend napping, watching films in bed, and recovering from nights out, you probably want your bed to be comfy and inviting! 
Treat yourself to some nice, bright sheets, pile on some cushions and pillows, add a pretty throw or warm blanket, and you'll end up with a lovely, comfy nest of niceness.
2. Fairy lights
As you probably know, candles are a fire hazzard, and shouldn't be kept in student bedrooms. Instead, why not get yourself some fairy lights? String them across your shelves or round your noticeboard to add some sparkle to your room.
3. Pretty storage boxes
Tidy up all those loose odds and ends into storage boxes to keep your room neat. You can buy pretty boxes from the likes of Paperchase, WH Smiths or Amazon - but these can sometimes be quite expensive. Instead, buy a couple of rolls of wrapping paper and simply cover some old shoe boxes or packing boxes to achieve the same effect.
4. Photos
Either grab a selection of cheap photoframes from the nearest charity shop, or just cover your noticeboard with your favourite pics. Photos are a great way to add some personality to your room and a lovely reminder of fun memories! And with companies like Snapfish and Photobox often giving away free (or very cheap) prints, you can decorate your uni room without splashing out.
5. Plants 
Plants are a cheap way to add some life to a bedroom. Many universities will have plant sales in the first few weeks of term, so you can get yourself some cheap greenery. Make sure you buy something that will survive a little bit of neglect (you might not always remember to water your poor plants when there are essay deadlines looming!) 
Another great idea is to get some herb plants - these can be bought cheaply from larger supermarkets and will be useful for cooking as well as adding a splash of green to your room.
6. Little extras 
Don't forget to pack those little extras that give a room personality - lamps, clocks, rugs, calendars, ornaments, mugs, pretty stationary... 
Happy with how you've decorated your uni room? Show it off by tweeting us a picture to @iQStudents