7 ideas for great part-time student jobs

Tutoring is a great part-time student job

Looking for a student job? If you're thinking of getting a part-time job while you're at uni, you'll want to find something that fits around your studies and works with your student lifestyle. Here are 7 convenient student jobs that are always popular with students because they really suit the uni lifestyle!



Lots of university courses set you up with great skills for freelancing - so why not put them into action while you're still at uni? If you're a design student, try working on logo or website design jobs. If you're on an essay-based course, consider copywriting. Freelance work is one of the most flexible jobs you can imagine and it will help you put together a portfolio of work before you even graduate. Websites such as Talent Cupboard and Freelancer will help you find freelance jobs to get you started.

Mystery shopping

If you're looking for something a bit different, mystery shopping could be the job for you. Flexible and easy, mystery shoppers tend to be students as they're often required to look young (to check whether a shop will serve alcohol to young people, for example). Just make sure you sign up with a reputable organisation!


Cement your knowledge of your subject by teaching it to younger students! Tutoring is the perfect option if you want a job that is regular but does not require long hours. You can organise it yourself, or go through an agency which will take a small cut from your earnings. Either way, you can expect to make more per hour than you would in most other student jobs.


Working in a shop is a good option if you're a student looking for a regular job. Many students overlook retail and think that it won't be any use in later life, however you'll learn important transferable skills like customer service, money-handling and problem solving - all of which look good on any CV! If you're lucky, you'll be able to find a shop that suits your interests or future career plans.

Holiday camps

If you don't want to work during term time, signing up to a kids' camp for the holidays might be a good option. A holiday camp abroad is a great option for a cheap, unforgetable holiday while a UK-based kids' camp is an ideal way to give your bank account a much-needed boost without impacting your uni work.

Temp office work

If you don't need a regular job, signing up with a temp agency can get you the odd day of work here and there - particularly useful during the uni holidays. This is a great way to learn a bit about how offices work, make contacts, and get some useful experience on your CV. It might also help you decide what you do (or definitely don't!) want to do as a career after you graduate.

Bar work

Working in a bar or pub is infinitely cooler than working in a shop. But don't expect the work to be all fun and games; things are very different when you're on the other side of the bar! Working in a bar or pub can mean long hours and late nights; but if you're used to staying up until the early hours anyway you may be on to a winner. One of the best things about bar work is the chance to earn tips, so make sure you find out the tips policy before you start!


Which jobs have you found to work best with the student lifestyle? Tell us in the comments below...