8 things to do if you're home for the Christmas holidays

Snow at Christmas


Heading home for the Christmas holidays? Don't waste those long empty weeks, here are eight important things to do over the break.


1. See your home friends

You've been missing them all term! Make sure you get some dates in the diary to catch up with everyone from home. It'll be just like old times...


2. Spend some time with the family

You might not get to see your family that much during term time, so enjoy some quality family time while you're home. Remember, you can admit you like spending time with the folks!


3. Don't neglect your uni work

If you've got exams in January, you'll probably be spending a significant part of your holidays studying. But even if you don't have exams in the new year, try to at least look at your uni work over Christmas! Even if you don't have exams or essay deadlines looming, use the downtime to catch up on your reading from last term and at least look over what you'll be doing next term. You'll appreciate it later!


4. Decide on your resolutions for next year

January is traditionally the time for making resolutions and changes to your life. So... what do you want to change?


5. Catch up on your sleep

No lectures! No essays to hand in! Lots of time to sleep...


6. Enjoy being home

You might not have realised all of the great things about your home city/town/village when you lived there, but you'll probably have missed them while you're away at uni. So take advantage of all those things you can only do while you're home - visiting the local sites, seeing your childhood friends, going for long country walks, or even just popping into that one cafe that does the best hot chocolate...


7. Do those chores you've been putting off all term

You know what they are. Get them done!


8. Make plans for when you get back to uni

After spending so much time with your coursemates and flatmates during term time, the idea of leaving them for weeks on end over Christmas isn't always the most appealing. So plan in some fun activities or events for when you get back to give yourself something to look forward to. And if that isn't enough make sure you have some skype dates set up so you can catch up on each other's gossip.