Anakin the cat takes over iQ Salford

Anakin the cat at iQ Salford


At our iQ Student Accommodation building in Salford, Anakin the cat has become a regular feature. Legend has it that Anakin actually belongs to a nearby family, but all we know for sure is that he has taken a liking to iQ Salford and spends a lot of time with the students and staff here!

Anakin has a lot of fans at iQ Salford - both the team in the office and the students make a big fuss of him (no wonder he likes it here!) He spends his time doing the rounds of the buildings, meeting his fans, begging for food, and starring in selfies and photos with students. He's even has his own Facebook account

But spare a thought for Anakin over the Christmas holidays - with the majority of students heading home for the holidays, Anakin's supply of adoration and treats will be lower than he's used to!


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