Best 6 shows and films to watch on Netflix this Halloween

Best 6 shows and films to watch on Netflix this Halloween

Halloween is almost here and we´ve put together the best shows and films to watch on Netflix this year. Grab your friends, cook a spooky meal and binge watch these suggestions to get right into the Halloween spirit.


Case 39

Renee Zellweger (Emily) plays a social worker who comes across 10-year-old Lilith and her sinister parents, who mistreat and harm the child. Emily assumes custody of her while looking for a foster family. However, she soon realises that dark forces surround the innocent child, and the more she tries to protect her, the more horrors she encounters.

Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3

These funny Halloween classics feature spoofs of some of Hollywood’s biggest films such as The Matrix and American pie, great to tuck into if you’ve been watching too many scary horrors!

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is great to binge watch this Halloween, each episode is set in a different alternative reality featuring stand-alone dramas and its own cast of unique characters -sharp, suspenseful, satirical tales that explore techno-paranoia.

Girl Interrupted

Originally based on a book, Girl Interrupted is about a young woman who is admitted into an institution for troubled young women and finds herself having to choose the world of people who belong on the inside or the often-difficult world of reality on the outside. This psychological thriller is guaranteed to keep you in suspense.

Freddy vs Jason

The two biggest horror icons face off in this supernatural movie. Serial killer Freddy Krueger who attacks his victims in their dreams, enlists the help of fellow violent murderer, Jason, to compose a new killing spree. You might want to keep the lights on after watching this one.

Under the Shadow

After her husband is sent away to serve in the army, an Iranian mother is left to care for their young daughter under the looming threat of missile strikes. When their apartment is hit, events take a turn for the paranormal and leave the pair haunted by a mysterious ‘Djinn’ spirit.


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