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The best things about returning to uni after the summer

Going home for summer can be bitter sweet. Once again you can enjoy those home comforts that you grew up with and see your friends from school. However, it can feel like you’re losing some of your freedom that you’ve got so used to whilst being away at uni. Here are just some of the things to look forward to:
Returning home from university can often result in finding out your sibling has moved in to your bigger and better room, or everything’s been moved out and it’s been turned into the new home office. Either way, you rarely return to find your space exactly how you left it, which is why one of the best things about uni is you have your own space for you to do what you want with it and no-one can tell you otherwise.
Being a student gives you a real sense of independence, so going home for summer can sometimes be a bit tricky. Whilst the summer holidays are a great time to relax and catch up with school friends, it often leaves you counting down the days till you have your independence back. When you get back to uni you can say goodbye to curfews, as well as having to explain where you’re going and who with, just to name a few.
Societies can be a big part of many people’s university experience. They provide a sense of community and entertainment, not to mention the amazing friends you'll make. Whether your society is for sports, ideology, hobbies or anything else we’re sure you missed it over the summer break. Going back to uni means the start of these regular get-togethers with likeminded friends and the intake of excited, new freshers.
Your degree is quite often like the British weather – when it’s cold you want it to be hot, but when it does heat up it’s often ‘too hot'. Similarly, during the academic year you just want a break and for it to be over, however after a few months of freedom you find yourself getting excited to go back. You look forward to learning something new every day, getting stuck in to a topic and having a regular routine which gives you a sense of motivation every morning.
University friends are a unique type of friendship. Being in the same position back in first year and then quite often spending every day together means you bond with people quickly. Going home for the summer holiday means you probably haven’t seen them through the break and now you can’t wait to get back. There’s so much to look forward to – summer catch-ups, group revision sessions, duvet days and more.