Five fantastic student discounts you need in your life

Get the best UK student discounts

The best 'secret' student discounts in the UK...

Life as a student can be expensive. And that's why it's great that there are loads of student discounts around. But some of the best student discounts are kept very secret! For example, did you know that students can get free food from McDonalds, free delivery from Amazon, and a discount on your discount-giving Railcard?

If you're a student at a UK university, here are five little-known student discounts that you need in your life:


1. 16-25 Railcard

If you don't have a 16-25 Railcard yet, you really need to get one! It'll save you 1/3 off many rail fares. What's more, if you're studying in London, you can get your Railcard discount loaded onto your Oyster Card and save money on certain journeys on the Tube and DLR. And contrary to what the name suggests, you don't have to be under 25 to get the Railcard. If you're in full-time study, you're eligible to apply.

But the really great part? You can get a student discount when you buy the Railcard itself! That's right, buy your Railcard through NUS Extra and you'll save 11% on the cost.


2. Krispy Kreme

Who doesn't love an indulgent doughnut treat from Krispy Kreme? Well, next time you go to get a doughnut from a Krispy Kreme shop, whip out your NUS card and you'll save 20%. Yay!


3. Amazon

OK, so it's not technically a student discount... but it is exclusively for students and it will save you money. Sign up to Amazon Student and you'll get free one-day delivery for six months, as well as a host of other benefits - helping you save loads on expensive parcel delivery. And with our free parcel collection service at iQ sites, it's the perfect offer for iQ students!


4. Paper Chase

Paper Chase is incredibly popular among students; perfect for treating yourself to some pretty stationary for uni or for buying presents for friends and family. But did you know that Paper Chase offers students a 10% discount as well? All you need is a Student ID card to save.


5. McDonalds

McDonalds take the idea of a student discount one step further by giving students free food. Amazing! Show your student ID card next time you buy an Extra Value Meal or a Deli Meal and they'll give you a free Cheeseburger, Hamburger or McFlurry.


Know any other secret student discounts that the world needs to know about? Share them in the comments below...