How to ace your next year at uni

It can be all too easy to fall in to unhealthy or unproductive traps whilst at university. Start the next year, the right way and have your best year yet. Here are just a few tips to help:
This is definitely a balancing act, but one you will use throughout your career. It’s therefore ideal for you to crack what works for you as early as possible, which is why we've put together a few tips to help. Firstly, imagine lectures, seminars etc are your job, you wouldn't skip work just to hang out with friends so why should you skip that midday lecture on Thursday. Secondly, manage your study time outside of set uni hours, the best way to do this is to create a revision calendar. This way you can set aside the time to complete your assignments whilst still giving yourself plenty of time to hang out with friends. Thirdly, make the most of the social spaces at our iQ properties, being stuck in your room or the library all day doing revision isn’t fun for anyone. Therefore, even if you’re short on time, set aside some time to meet up with your friends in the social spaces to watch a film, play a game or just have a catch-up.
It might sound like one of those lines your mum used to constantly say, but having a tidy work space can really make a difference to your productivity. Have a look at some of these tips and tricks for inspiration, and come up with a layout and technique that works for you.
Top tip – set aside 10 minutes every week to get your workspace back in order and file any notes away correctly. 
Having a dirty and messy room can affect your productivity and happiness more than you think. We therefore recommend you take the time to clean your room on a consistent basis. A regular hoover and dust can make all the difference and means you'll need to do a deep clean less often. Another great idea is when you first move in to your room and are unpacking really take the time to put everything in a position that works for you. For example, organising your wardrobe by colour or item of clothing. After a couple of months, once you’re in a routine and used to the space, remember to put aside an hour to reshuffle your room and put everything in its perfect location.

Sometimes the smallest changes to your lifestyle can make all the difference. Beauty sleep can often be underestimated and when you’re at university we know it can sometimes be all too easy to get into bad sleeping habits. However, remember the optimum amount of sleep is eight hours, this will help you be extra efficient and able to focus more. Remember to eat healthily, get your five a day or fruit and vegetables and make sure you’re eating proper meals, not just a packet of crisps for dinner. If you’re struggling in the kitchen, have a read of some of our top tips here. Finally, make sure you get regular exercise in to your routine. You can easily incorporate this by walking to uni instead of getting public transport or by joining a sports club and making new friends at the same time.