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How to make the most of your summer


Whether you’ve decided to spend your summer at home or in a new city, we want to help you make the most of it whilst spending as little money as possible. Living in a new place is always a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about cultural differences; and even if you stay in the same city, there are always fun, new ways to mix it up and have an unforgettable summer!


Plan the basics

If you’re travelling, do you know what your budget is? Where are you planning on staying? If you’ve decided to stay, will you be working or studying? Sorting out the basics before summer starts will take a huge weight off your shoulders, so you can start enjoying your new surroundings straight away. This is especially true if you’re staying in a new city. Remember if you’re looking for accommodation, we’ve got short lets available in central locations with all inclusive bills.

When to wing it (and when not to)

Leaving your room without a plan and getting lost in a city can be fun and you might encounter exciting parts that you had never heard of. However, if you’re not familiar with an area, don’t forget that you should also look up the main places to visit. If no research at all is conducted, you will most likely miss many areas that you could have loved! Make sure you combine exploring around with some research, to maximise your experience in that city.

Make a list

Put a list together with anything that you’ve come across and thought “I’d like to do/see that”. Apart from the normal visits of castles, parks and beaches if applicable, you could also go on tripadvisor and look up different local spots to add to the list. Finding pubs that are over 100 years old, streets in which famous events took place, restaurants with a different vibe or places included in films can be a fun alternative if the go-to sites for tourists don’t appeal to you.

Day trips

If you have some spare time after you’ve ticked everything off your list, have a look at what else is nearby to the city for you to go over and visit for the day. For instance, if in London, some might want to go to Brighton, or Manchester if you’re in Leeds. Kill two birds with one stone: Make the most of your time off by getting to know as many places as you can!


Going to events nearby is a fantastic way to meet new people and, if you’re away from home, help you understand the local traditions. Whether you’re into gigs, themed markets or clubbing, there will always be plenty for you to do in your city. Find out which events are of most interest to you and just turn up. Information on local events can be found online on the government pages of each city, under events and activities.

Use it as an opportunity

If you’re in a new city, do something you couldn’t have done at home, perhaps taking a boat tour or going hiking for a day. There are always plenty of new things for you to do in a new city! Regardless of where you are, don’t be afraid to try different things! You could take up a new hobby, find a new favourite food or play a new sport; and if none of these work out, at least you can say you’ve tried them!