How to Stay Warm on a Student Budget This Winter…

How to stay warm students
Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are over, there's nothing to distract us from the horrible truth... winter is here! The days are short and cold, and the walk to uni has become a nasty chore.
If you live with us at iQ Student Accommodation, you will be happy to know that all bills - including heating - are included in your rent. So you don't have to worry about the cost of turning the heating on when it's bitterly cold outside. However, we know there's still the matter of those drafty university classrooms, the long cold walks between lectures, and the general dismal greyness of winter in the UK. It's all a bit gloomy!
So, to counteract those things, we've come up with a little list of ways to stay warm (and cheerful!) on cold winter days...

Cook a hearty meal

Nothing warms up the heart (and stomach) better than a good hearty meal after the walk home from uni. Cook up a shepherd’s pie, chilli con carne or a beef stew for instant warmth… And the heat from the oven will warm you up too!

Buy a onesie

With so many different types out there, what a perfect way to keep cosy on a lazy winter day. They’re relatively cheap, most shops sell them, and they last for ages. Perfect! Your onesie will be there for you through the cold winter nights (and cold winter days of revision) …just remember to get changed when you go out!

Drink hot drinks

Tea, coffee or a warm cup of hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows are guaranteed to keep you going after a long day at uni. These drinks are a staple you should always keep in your kitchen cupboards, and are usually on offer at the local supermarket. Make sure you stock up so you can keep warm without leaving the comfort of your own room.

Do some exercise

And to burn off all the additional calories from eating those hearty meals and hot chocolates, why not do some exercise in your room? There are plenty of free exercise videos online to watch and copy to keep you warm (and fit). Doing about 30 minutes each day will keep you livelier, healthier and a lot warmer.
And if you're lucky enough to live at one of our iQ Student Accommodation sites with an onsite gym, you really have no excuse!

Go to the library

If all else fails, run and hide in the university library. If you've got a break between lectures, head to the library and take advantage of the snuggly central heating while keeping on top of your studies…win win!