Parents - why you want your child to live at iQ Student Accommodation

The start of university can be a scary time - for both students and their parents!
If your son or daughter is heading off to university in the UK this September, you will probably find yourself worrying about them constantly... will they eat well? Will they make friends? Will they work hard at their studies? 
Well, one thing you don't need to worry about is their accommodation. Parents normally get to be involved in the decision-making when it comes to living arrangements, so you can make sure they end up somewhere safe, secure, affordable, and nice. If you are helping your son or daughter decide where to live while they're at university, here are our top reasons for choosing iQ Student Accommodation:
1. A trustworthy landlord
At iQ Student Accommodation, we’re fully endorsed by ANUK (the national body for accrediting student accommodation in the UK) so you don't have to worry about dealing with unscrupulous landlords. 
Student accommodation is simply what we do. We have staff on-site 24/7 to make sure everything is running smoothly, our online maintenance portal allows our students to log a fault at any time, and because our maintenance teams are based on site, we fix the vast majority of issues within 24 hours.
2. Safety and security 
The safety and security of our students is our top priority. All of our buildings have CCTV, secure key fob access and a 24/7 staff presence - so that's a weight off your mind!
3. No fighting over bills
Unlike shared student houses, your son or daughter will not be resonsible for paying utility bills, setting up an internet connection, or organising their exemption from council tax. Not only does this make life easier (and cheaper), it means they won't have to chase their housemates to pay their share and they won't have to have unpleasant arguments about money!
4. High standards
Students often consider living in a shared house to be a rite of passage. But with 1 in 5 students living with vermin (shocking, we know!) it's understandable to want your child to live somewhere nicer... At iQ Student Accommodation, we pride ourselves on the high standards of our buildings and we provide our students with modern furniture, warm rooms, private en suite shower rooms, and lovely social spaces.
5. Helpful staff
If your child is moving from outside of the UK to study here, the first few weeks can be daunting. Getting to know a new country and culture at the same time as settling in to uni is hard work! Wherever our students come from, we make sure they receive a warm welcome at iQ Student Accommodation. Our award-winning customer services team on reception are available to answer any questions your son or daughter may have, and will be able to point them in the right direction if they need help finding their way to uni or the local shops. 
Why not arrange a viewing to see one of our sites, or you can book a room for your son or daughter at iQ Student Accommodation. Then the only thing you have to worry about is missing them once they've flown the nest...