Quick tips for a healthier YOU this year!

Be healthy with lemon and water
We are one month into 2014... Are you still carrying those extra pounds you put on when you went home for Xmas? Feeling lethargic and suffering from the Winter Blues? We've put together some quick tips on changing your student eating habits and what you eat to help you on the road to becoming a healthier you and shed some pounds!
1. First and foremost, try replacing full sugar fizzy drinks with no added sugar versions. Some fizzy drinks have an incredibly high sugar level. For example, a 500ml bottle of Dr Pepper has 52 grams of sugar which is half of your daily allowance, where as Dr Pepper Zero has no sugar at all, as well as very few calories!
2. The second change you can make is to switch your pasta to whole wheat pasta. As you may already know, white pasta is not healthy as it has been processed. This means the pasta contains none of its natural fiber and contains only simple sugars. Whole wheat pasta is a healthier alternative because it contains complex carbohydrates and is a good source of fiber. 
3. The third and final method that is rarely used is to add slices of lemon to your water. You are probably aware that water is the best drink for you however adding slices of lemon can really benefit you. Lemon contains Vitamin C as well as many other vitamins with plenty of health benefits. It can also help speed up your metabolism. Great! 
Already implementing these methods into your 2014 health revamp? Or have more beneficial health tips?
Let us know by leaving a comment below!