Save energy at iQ Salford

Go green and save energy with iQ

Calling all tenants at iQ Salford… it’s time to get involved in our energy-saving competition!

At iQ Salford, we offer our tenants all-inclusive rents which cover your utility bills (i.e. electricity and water). However, we’re always keen to save energy and be green at iQ Student Accommodation and there is also a limit on your utility consumption. If you exceed this limit, you could face a re-charge. This is monitored by the meter readings of each flat every month. To encourage everyone to save electricity and go green, we are now going to be holding a competition based on these readings…

A prize will be given for the flat with the lowest meter readings for all 3 bed flats, 4 bed flats, 5 bed flats and 6 bed flats. It is worth making a change in your routine and your flatmates’ routines!

Ready to get involved? Here are some energy saving tips to help you keep your all inclusive utility bills at the right level without exceeding the limit! Please see some energy saving tips below which will help you keep an eye on your usage;

1. Lights. Your kitchen and corridor lights are controlled by sensors, however your bedroom and bathroom lights are not! Please check all of your lights are switched off when you leave the room.

2. Bedroom heaters. Your bedroom heater is on a set timer. Some students turn on the main fuse switch and set the timer before they leave the room - this will just burn away energy. And please note the heater will automatically turn itself off if it overheats! Please only set your heater when you are in the room and turn it off before you leave.

3. Appliances in your room and kitchen. You may think that turning your appliances off will not make much of a difference, however a lot of energy is consumed by leaving appliances on standby. Just a single switch can save a lot of energy!

4. Water usage. Turning your tap off when brushing your teeth will save litres of water. Leaving it running is a waste; think of it as flushing your toilet all day when it is not being used! A simple change in your routine can make a huge difference.

5. Showering. Do not leave your shower running for a long time - setting the temperature then getting straight in the shower will also save litres of water!