Settling into shared accommodation

Starting university is an exciting time for anyone, it’s a great way to make friends from all walks of life and for many, the first step into independence. Being part of a student community gives you the perfect opportunity to meet people who could become lifelong friends, although it can be quite scary at first!
I was nervous about the idea of leaving the haven of my family home to live with people I didn’t know. I felt homesick but I knew that this was a natural feeling when starting university, and even though I had nerves, I was excited to start this new journey, and eager to meet my new housemates. With many students travelling miles from friends and loved ones, settling in to new surroundings as quickly as possible is the aim, so I decided to share my top tips with you!
Don’t be that person who always stays in their room. I put myself out there and wanted to give a good first impression as I would be living with these people for a year. I told them a bit about myself and what I’m interested in, and you might be surprised what similarities you may find. My housemate and I both bonded quickly over our love of Harry Potter! 
What a better way to bond than over food! The first night I moved in, me and my flatmates decided to make a pizza together (yes, that included the dough). It was nice cooking as a group and we got to know one another pretty quickly. 
Dinner nights with my flatmates became a regular thing, we had some great conversations and the best thing is... it helped me save money! Here’s a recipe to share with your housemates, it’ll save you loads in the long run if you're a serious pizza lover (once you get the initial ingredients and equipment in the cupboard).
Photos, blankets, even a teddy bear- all personal items I took from home to decorate my university room. Photos are a great way to make you feel less homesick as you’ll be surrounded by memories. As well as bringing memories from home, you might want to decorate your new space with some cushions; adding things that are more ‘you’ will make your room that much more enticing and comfortable. Check out some cool Argos student essentials
Me and my housemates located the essentials the second day of moving in– the nearest supermarket, retail stores, local takeaway etc. I also wanted to find any local attractions I could visit in my spare time.
Spend some time to walk with your new flatmates, get to know the area around your accommodation; who knows, you might find a quiet spot to spend some time studying when the weather is nice, or even a tasty takeaway to grab something quick after your nights out. 
Good luck and enjoy your new home!