Student Recipe: Chicken and Bacon Tagliatelle Pasta

Chicken and Bacon Tagliatelle Pasta
Here's another cheap, easy and scrummy student recipe for you to try out.
You will need:
Chicken fillets (1 per person)
Bacon (2 slices per person)
Courgette (optional)
Clove of garlic
Tagliatelle pasta
Single cream
1) Chop up clove of garlic and fry in oil in a saucepan.
2) Add chopped chicken and bacon to the saucepan.
3) When chicken is nearly finished cooking, add sliced muchrooms and courgettes.
4) Cook pasta according to instructions on the packet (usually takes 5-10 mins).
5) Add single cream to the saucepan of chicken, bacon and mushroom and let simmer, but not boil.
6) When pasta is cooked, drain thoroughly and then add to the saucepan with the other ingredients and sauce.
7) Mix well and serve
A student at iQ Birmingham gave this recipe a go, see what she thought of it and how hers' turned out.
"This meal was really easy to make, I did it within half an hour! It was really tasty, creamy and filling and enough was made for everyone in the flat so I earned extra brownie points :) I'll definitely be making this again especially as the ingredients are easy to get hold of and pretty cheap!" (All the ingredients were bought from Tesco for £6.66)
Quick, easy, cheap & delicious - that's what I call a result!
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